Boston - Bill Belichick's first practice impression of Cam Newton: 'He's a hard-working kid'


Howard things in Foxboro know Tom Brady anymore for Bill Belichick, but he does have Cam Newton Maze All Walker's a lot. Information's been transferred to all the players. And he's worked very hard to say it's all our players have. We have, you know, hard working group not said certainly for all the quarterbacks at that position. Those guys have been locked in that focused work extremely hard. All four of them cans hardworking kid He really is in Fitz Simmons. Freddie Coleman, take a look at that relationship for coach Bell, checking his New quarterback Cam Newton camp is all about showing people that his time in the sun is still going to be there, not just being a quarterback in the NFL but a successful quarterback in the NFL, and if he's able to do that would build Bella check. Bill better does not need to send that guy a message saying you have to compete because I get the sense that this is exactly what Campbell wants to show people that he can't compete. He will compete and win this job. I think it's more than likely. That he's going to be the starting quarterback. But that Jared Stanton guy is not just going to give it to him. And I'm sure that a guy like Cam new knowing that this is potentially his last shot to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. He better realize that and if he does, that's not only going to be good for him. It is going to be really good for his dad calling camp doing the kid Bill Bill, check the coach of the Patriots. You tell me right now where Bill Belichick is a Sfar starting quarterback goes He's not bringing up everybody else's name, you know, especially stadium. Every time he posed the question about Cam Newton. It's for a purpose. Sending a message to camp. Save your job. You have to earn it. And right now, if you asked me that 60 40 cam is a

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