A highlight from A Friend in the Execution Room

The Experiment


Think I've ever said your last name out loud. How do I see it? It's. Maleth? Melo, am I doing that right? So, Alvin mallock, why are we here today? Why are you using my government name like that? Alvin malith, one of the founding producers of the experiment, was reading a lot about death last year. I saw that the federal government had executed someone. And I remember reading about it in the news at the time and being a little surprised by it, because, you know, there are states that do executions regularly. But the federal government hasn't actually executed someone and the last time was 2003. There were none in the 70s and the 80s and the 90s. Like it's just not a thing that we do very often. I didn't fully realize it had been that long. Yeah, I hadn't either. And I think I

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