'Green Fraud' Author Marc Morano Describes the Hypocrisy of These Climate Summits


We have with us a returning to America first. The man who educated me on the climate hoax. He is the founder of the climate depot, the author of the politically incorrect guy to climate change and more recently, the green fraud, why the Green New Deal? I prefer green new steel is even worse than you think Mark morano. Welcome to one on one. Thank you so much. Happy to be here today. So where have you just got back from? Did you just get back from what is ObamaCare, Scotland, completely fallaciously, the emerald isle? Where have you been Mark? I have been in the emerald well actually, I think that's Ireland. I've been in Scotland and I did not get to go. I was there for all last week. I did not get to go in one of these private jets like Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates or Al Gore, who were all at the conference as well. I had to fly commercial, but I was there all last week at this Glasgow summit and it was a doozy because I think even the longtime observers are saying, this is as Greta would say, a blah, blah, blah, summit. Not much has happened here except a lot of virtue signaling. So what is this? They're using this acronym cop. I didn't realize it's now running for multiple weeks. Well, what is this? What is this virtue signaling stand for and who, who is their Mark? Well, this is the United Nations climate summit. Cop stands for conference of parties. Bureaucratic language that they have every year. So next year's cup 27. This year's cop 25. And this whole process started in 1992 with the Rio earth summit that then Republican president George H. W. Bush signed and got us beholden to this big monster mess and then of course the first climate agreement they came up with was the Kyoto protocol when Clinton was president. And it's been going strong since then, annual basis. And they always pick exotic location. Scotland's probably the least exotic location that they've had it. I've been the Bali South America cancun all over the world. Next year is going to be in Egypt. They like to fly all over and have giant

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