'The Split' Author Kurt Schlichter on Culling the Herd of RINOS


Are we going to do with the establishment. Gop and is there. Is there a solution to having people who love. America not betrayed once they get elected cut. Well there is a solution and we've already found in in the last ten years. We have called the heard of rhinos significantly. There's no jeff. Flake coworkers gone And we have terrified into submission. other folks yet. I you know the media will report. Gorka know i've spoken to many republicans and off the record and they're terrified to oppose trump. Good good. look if you're sergeant through there to freaky he's to kick you in the rear to make you move forward. Okay you know one or the other. I remember an airborne stool so by in the door and said i'm not go and airborne grabbed him out a plane. I don't care how you come along you can come along dragon kicking and screaming or you can a walk side by side with me being this. But you're coming along or you're out of the game. You feel optimistic. Because of the romney's is still there. The chaining still leather. Oh yeah we're we're always going to have a range of folks but the best we're ever do would main susan collins so i'm happy with susan collins and when susan collins doesn't Do everything i want. I have a problem with susan collins. Because she's i don't think he's jerk. I think she's just more moderate than me. I do have a problem with romney in his bizarre moral posturing He just rubs me wrong way

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