A highlight from Julianna Margulies On Making Big Life Decisions


You know, you find yourself in a situation where you're really uncomfortable. It doesn't feel good. I'm Carly Zac and I'm Danielle weissberg. Welcome to 9 to 5 ish with the skin. We've run into so many questions over the years and had so many moments where we needed advice and we got it from women who'd been there. And that's what we're bringing you with this show. Each week we're helping you get what you want out of your career by talking to the smartest leaders we know because we know your work life is a lot more than 9 to 5. All right, let's get into it. Today, our guest is Julianna Margulies. You probably know her as Alicia Florrick, her character on the hit TV drama, the good wife or as Carol Hathaway on ER. Today, giuliana is one of the most awarded actresses in television with Emmys, Golden Globes, and multiple Screen Actors Guild Awards to her name. She's also the author of a children's book and of her own memoir, which came out earlier this year. Not to mention, she was also listed as one of times 100 most influential people in 2015. And now you can catch her on season two of the morning show, which is streaming on Apple TV. Giuliano welcome to the show. Thank you for having me. Hi, guys. Hello, we're so excited. We are very, very excited. Before we get into the conversation, we're going to do a warmup with a lightning round. So quick questions, quick answers. Ready? I'm ready. Okay. Good. First job on your resume. First job on my resume out for justice. Most recent job on your SMA. The morning show. Do you have a secret hobby or skill? A secret hobby or skill? Oh, boy. Well, I knit. Really? Really? What do you nit? I haven't met in a long time, but I used to knit baby sweaters. That's what I would do on sets all the time. All my Friends were having babies and I would just whip up sweaters. I was really not expecting this answer. Okay. Yeah. That was your go to baby gift? Yeah. Okay. Are you an inbox zero person? I'd like to think of myself that way, but unfortunately, I don't live that way, but I really would like to be a zero in box person for sure. What is the last show you binge watch? Mayor of eastern. Oh, so good. Yeah. Okay, you can literally in real life become one of the three characters you have played. Carol Hathaway, Alicia Florrick, or your latest lord Petersen, which one do you choose? Oh my God, that's a great question. I just want to remind you you're a with George Clooney with Carol Hathaway. I think I would be Laura Peterson. Oh. Wow, you're leaving Carol and Seattle. Okay. I think I could do journalism. I don't think I could ever do law. Okay. You left the twins. It's fine. We're good. Okay. That also makes me really excited for this season. What's to come? Yeah. One person you want to have at a dinner party living or dead? Stephen Fry. He's alive. Go on. So Stephen, if you're listening, please come over for dinner. I'll cook you whatever you want. That is a great way to invite someone. Yeah. What is the last photo you took on your phone? Oh, I was off my dog. What kind of dog do you? I have a woodle. I have a sheep a doodle. I have a golden doodle. So. Yeah, they're all doodles in this neighborhood. We're all little basic. It's okay. All right, should we go into the show? Let's do it. Okay. So, growing up, you wanted to follow in your grandmother's footsteps and become a lawyer. And then in college, you discovered theater. How did you become a professional actor from there? So I think I feel like things were easier back then, but maybe I'm wrong. I starred in a lot of plays in college and I sent my headshot out about 6 months before I graduated from college with the knowledge that I would have plays coming up, so I invited agents to come and see me. And I got an agent right before I graduated college. And started auditioning right away. And then, you know, it's a snowball effect. I was doing a lot of regional theater, then I got my sag card and that Steven Seagal movie. And then I did a Law & Order, which is what New York actor and actress does. That's how you keep up your health insurance for those sag aftra. And then literally I went to visit a boyfriend in Los Angeles, who was on a show. And I went to an audition for something called ER, and there you go. Wow. I did not know ER was so early in your career. Yeah, I was 25 when I got the pilot of that. So wow. And when you look back at yourself at 25, when you got the pilot, because I'm thinking back to when we were 25, we started the company. And now it feels like it was early in my career.

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