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On last week's part one. I had the opportunity to head down to the sea. Otter classic in monterey california on friday and i was able to pick up a few short interviews that i thought were worth sharing. There's some great imagery in stories coming out from that story event that i thought it would be good to share in a timely fashion. For those of you. Who aren't familiar with the siada classic. It's an event that's been going on for. I believe thirty one years in northern california. It's got a rich history. Starting with mountain bike racing and later added almost every discipline you can imagine to. It's four day weekend calendar. it's also become quite a large consumer show for the bike industry so there's booths from hundreds of manufacturers from around the world. I took the opportunity to catch up with some old friends. And do some quick interviews with some gravel companies. That i think you might be interested in. This will also serve as the jumping off point for a few longer form interviews. I'll do later in the year. This year is october. Date was pandemic related. The event normally takes place in april so becoming background on our calendar shortly in twenty twenty two of note the sea otter classic was purchased by lifetime back in august of twenty twenty one. So this is the first edition produced by the sea otter team owned by lifetime. Regardless of what type of cyclist you are if you don't mind a huge crowd. The sea otter classic is a great place to geek out over great parts. Watch some killer racing and enjoy the monterey bay peninsula with all that said. Let's jump right into my ten interviews throughout the sea otter classic. This is andrew here with emc usa. And what are we looking at here today. We're looking here at our brand new irs. Lt arizona's unrestricted are gravel bike. That's ready for any trail you can throw at it. Tell us about some of the features of the frames been in market for maybe a year last season but it's got some significant upgrades that i can just tell by looking at it today. Totally aso the new edition at the end of the name there. Lt for long travel comes with our new mt fork which is micro travel technology. The tell us a little bit more about the suspension so with mt on the rear you have a carbon flex chain stay that allows for twenty mils of rear-wheel travel damned with an last summer. That's at the top allows you to maintain traction while you're on trails. But the new edition with the work. Here is a new partnership with ride which is a high end. Come from the motor side of things. And they've made a new damper which is allowed for twenty mils of oil damped suspension. That allows it to not overheat like a spring driven system would be and still has the capabilities of locking out all in a lightweight. Package that doesn't affect the geometry whatsoever now for the uninitiated when you look at this bike you may not notice where the suspension is happening. Can you tell us. It's not to telescoping fork legs. Can you tell us how it's happening. It's happening all essentially in the steer tube. So the entire damper unit is at the base of the steer makes it so that super clean. Simple doesn't disrupt the lines of the bike but still has a super effective method of getting you more traction on the trails nice and the bike is made out of what frame material to full carbon frame and even the fork itself has carbon lowers so carbon install suspension nice. It's a great looking bike. Great execution. I appreciate the time awesome. Thank you for having me. okay. Can i get your name and company name art with kogel bearings thanks art. And what are you showing here at sea. Otter we have a line of fully gravel approved oversized guerrilla cages. So we build them super stiff so he can take him off. He just introduced the line of custom. Color tin bolts. You can get your entire bike matched up. I was just talking to one of your colleagues. Because one of the things from the outside. When i've looked at these products was the complexity of installing it. Could you describe what you need to do to your existing rear driller to install the product solution. Oversize cage requires you to take thriller apart so not just removed from the bike but completely take it off in pieces. There's no set procedure. So depending on your model of driller some or super easy some are definitely recommended to bring to a bike shop and it's really just removing the existing cajun depending on how whether it's schramm shimono. How complicated they make that process. That's really what makes it complicated or not complicated. Is that correct correct. Yes and there's no line one driller from a brand might visi and the same driller from or another from the same brand might be complicated and just really quickly. Could you tell the listener. What is the advantage of going for one of these bigger police systems. Absolutely the idea behind it is to open up the chain so by using a bigger wheel. The chain doesn't have to articulate as much as it has around a small pulley bending a chain takes six energies by this year. Reduce the friction by about one or two watts awesome. Thanks art thanks. I can i get your name and company. Yeah sure my name is ben edwards. I work with specialized and part of the road and gravel. Team i spend. Can you tell us about the new. We're looking at yeah. We're superstar to bring the all new crux to rider. Is this thing. Just dropped yesterday and i think people know of the cracks as across bike. Right this is a world champ to printing cross bike but the little kind of dirty secret crux ause had is that it was a bad ass gravel bike and so the new crux while it retains a lot of that performance heritage from the cross side is really embracing that that gravel identity but beyond that we've used our athos which many of the writers into the ethos it's a five hundred eighty five gram road frame. We found a way to make these crazy light and incredibly writing road bikes at a carbon. We've now taken those learnings to the crux. So the crux of the frame set for s works seven hundred and twenty five grams. And you're looking at a complete bike at seven point two kilos which is almost unheard of on the road side with a stock

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