A highlight from #245: SoFi Stadium


Hello, Mike, I've got a question for you. It's sort of a big shot at Harris Southern California. I don't know about that. Okay, but I mean, you know, when everybody's glad to see you, the staff loves you, you're great with tips. You know, you throw around a certain amount of money there. So you're not a whale, but you know when you come in, they see you, oh, Mike, you want us to hold a seat for you here, you know? Right, right. And I kind of ride on your coat tails. A little bit. They like you. And that's been kind of the case during our whole gambling lives together. We go to Vegas, you get, you know, like the room and everything. And, you know, I benefit from your comps. So having said that, it seems like you agree with me there. Why is it that the hosts at Harris Southern California seem way more interested in talking to me than to you? Yes. That's a very good very good question. You get approached all the time. Oh, Mark. You know, could it be that you're louder than me? Well, I'm definitely louder. That could be it. You know, last night, I'm looking for Mark. It's a new host. So often it's just a different hook. I'm looking for Mark. We're both at the table. Right. We both given him our cards, right? Hi, I'm looking for oh, I'm right here. You're just standing next to me. I host walks by in the distance and kind of like waves from. You're kind of waves like I see in my I've got things to do, right? I'm busy. All right, so you can't figure it out. You have no I can't certainly can't figure it out. I don't know. You just have that magnetism, I guess, Mark. I guess. Yeah, they're all women, too. Usually, yeah. So maybe it's just a woman that could be. Yeah, it's probably. I want to talk to that guy wearing the I dream a Genie shirt over there at the craps table. You figured it out, my friend. Mystery solved. All right, hey, you had a chance to go up to SoFi Stadium to see a game here. Last week. How'd that go? My brother in law got some tickets from a guy he works with. So me and my wife and my brother in law went with 5 other people that this guy has 8 tickets. And we went up to see the game against the Vikings. Chargers versus chargers. Yeah, the stadium's great. It's really nice. I'll tell you, there's some good and bad things about it. Okay, yeah, let's hear it. It was super organized getting in the parking lot. Okay. I mean, very organized, whereas they led you to a spot. You don't just randomly choose spots. Okay, so people are directing you and just filtering into it. And so you get in quick, and there's no, you know, fighting over. I'm trying to hold 5 spots. You can't just lying people up. Can you scale Gabe? Yes, there's tailgating area specifically for me. Oh, okay. And then there's an area closer to stadium was just for parking. Gotcha. And that's kind of nice because if you don't want to tailgate, now the way the world is now, there's nobody collecting money for parking. So you have to buy parking in advance. Oh, I see. Okay, so you don't go through a gate where you pay. You have to get an advantage. You have to get it in advance, and there's somebody when you pull in that scans your phone or whatever. Okay. Well, that sounds, you know. Okay. Good and bad in that respect. I wonder what happens when somebody doesn't have parking. It just shows up. Yeah, they probably can't park, right? They find something alternative. Right. Okay. Getting out, though, after the game was a nightmare. Really? It took over an hour for us to get out. Oh gosh. Actually get out of the parking lot onto the streets. And then the street was jam packed too. Yeah. So it was quite a nightmare getting out. Okay. It's just, you know, volume of people. And then that was like a free for all. There's nobody really got anything. It's just like a free for all. It's just a mess. So those were the good and bad about parking. The stadium itself is beautiful. Yeah. If you have any kind of noise or lighting issues, like you're sensitive to loud noise or bright lights or bright lights or flashing lights, that's not the place. Okay. It's a dome. So, you know, it's covered mostly covered. It's open on the ends. But it's very loud. And the scoreboard is round. Yeah, I've seen a big oval that goes around the hole. So no matter where you are, you get to see the big scoreboard. Yeah, yeah. There's nobody like where it's behind them or something. So that's nice, but that thing's always flashing and lights and there's lights all around where the seats are. Okay. So it's kind of bombarding your senses. Bombarding your senses. Yeah, and if you're sensitive to that, you could have a problem. My wife at the end was getting a headache, because it was so there was so much lighting. So you just have to be aware of that. The other thing was, they had this announcer. And all the stadiums I have ever been to, it's, you know, just some guy, you don't see his face. Yeah. He just says, you know, pass complete to number 8. Yeah, it's just the PA announcement. But the PA announcer, right? Well, there they have it's a younger guy. So you actually see him on the scoreboard talking. Oh. A lot. And he was kind of goofy. I don't know how to word this properly, but he was just kind of goofy. Like a cheerleader. Oh. So he pro chargers. Obviously. Yeah, of course. You know, and it wasn't like, oh, you know, it's third and whatever. It was like, oh boy, first day. He's going crazy. Okay. And at first, I'm like, okay, that's different. That's towards the end of the game. It's a little annoying, you know. Yeah. And I asked some other people around us saying, yeah, that's one thing, you know, I wish it was a little more toned down.

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