This Is the Reason Your Life Is Getting Worse Under Biden


So yeah there's this disconnect You Biden at the historically low approval ratings I've seen them in the mid 30s which is atrocious for a guy in the first year of his presidency Kamala Harris even worse than the 20s which is just downright embarrassing And one of the reasons is people aren't connecting him to his policies Well yeah yeah Dan he's really unpopular Yeah but then when you pull people about this dreadful infrastructure Bill or is Bill back worse plan you know good swaths of people like oh yeah it sounds like a good deal Folks the reason your life is miserable under Biden We're living in this inflationary environment All this stuff is happening is precisely because Biden has signed the infrastructure Bill spending money We don't have that how to be printed That's why your money's worth less That's why he's creating this entire financial economic ecosystem where people don't want to work We have 10 million open jobs They're printing money to pay people not to work while simultaneously printing money we don't have to build stuff We don't need in many cases that is flooding the country with money That's leading to more money chasing fewer products that's leading to inflation The reason your life is getting worse under Biden in many cases is because of these plans I'm very sorry that I have to address this on a conservative radio program because the conservatives are like yeah Dan we know that Biden's the world like nobody likes but his approval rating on the Republican side Like I said it's like negative 37.2% But there are some Democrats who really dislike Biden and say yo but I agree with the infrastructure plan The reason you dislike Biden is because of the infrastructure plan Let me explain to you the scam they're doing with this bill back worse bill In my newsletter today if you read this article by the committee for a responsible federal budgets called Bill back better would cost would be double with extensions Here's the scam they're pulling They're saying oh don't worry the bill back worst plan is only going to cost about 1.71 .9 trillion That's not what it's gonna cost You can double that amount right away The trick they're pulling folks is they're setting these programs up to sunset or expire in just a couple years So like all the earned income tax credit all this stuff the universal pre-K we're only paying for that for two years Well here's the trick here's what they're gonna do If they win in 2022 the Democrats which I see is highly unlikely but say they win in the midterms I mean it could happen Then the Democrats just extend the

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