Don't Miss Bill O'Reilly's Limited Engagement National Tour With President Trump


Bill O'Reilly Bill welcome back to the show How you doing Doing all right sir Welcome back So before we get to the questions here you have a tour with president Trump going on Bill O'Reilly dot com Tell us a little bit about it So we got four dates beginning in December 11th and for loaded in Florida Live arena for the Panthers play Next day in Orlando And then the win next weekend we open in Houston on the 18th of December and the 19th of the American Airlines center in Dallas So I just talked to Santa Claus He says he can't talk that he can not get top it can not no that's not Cole either right That's the real deal No coal there right Yeah greatest Christmas gift ever But it takes on Dan as you know More important now because of the collapse of the Biden administration So the reason I can see this in the first place is that I am a historian story in journalist And Iowa I looked at back about the four years that Trump is in the Oval Office I don't know what he did Because it was never reported It was always like let's kill him or let's make him a saint So you never really got the nuts and bolts of How did he get the facts How did he destroy ISIS What's up with Putin and Xi all of those specific things And that's what the tour is It will be a once in a lifetime We've sold about 30,000 tickets already but if you go to Bill O'Reilly dot com I'll link you right over to whatever box office you want And I really appreciate you mentioned it Dan very nice

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