A highlight from Hour 2: Roman Harper & Robert Griffin III


Gorgeous stayed on here as the iron ball has arrived on the planes. We have already spoken to coach. And he is ready to go in his first iron ball as the auburn football coach. Let's continue with more phone calls and grace is up next in Birmingham. Grace Garrett. I've tried not to call this season, but the coach, we got rid of Gus. Now it's time for because I'm 76. I shouldn't have to go through this. Week after week with auburn, that South Carolina fourth and one, he threw a pass. I just never seen anything like it before in my life. He's on board the state, the grass is blue there. He don't know what nothing about the NCC. We need to get someone over and wake up. Get someone that know how to coach for the SEC territory. Now, I've been tempted to go down the auburn and depth coach, but I don't think I could type being down there. They would probably call the police on me. I would call the police on me. You said you were 76. Is that right? Right, I wore eagles, my blood, orange and blue, but listen, Gus, he nearly gave my heart attack. We finally got rid of him. This guy Carson, I just never could put my finger on his two, not like saber, Sabrina's up and down a sideline, just, you know, into it, but we had fourth and one that we could have won that game in South Carolina, but he throw how this guy to throw a pass. Now I don't think I run him back was up and down that field that day. Last Saturday. So this is first I am bone cotar and it'll be your last. Okay, well, great, thank you. For sure. I don't even know how to respond. But I hope you have a great weekend grace and enjoy the game. Tony is up next in Tuscaloosa. Hello Tony. How are you doing? We are doing great. Thank you. I just want to let you guys know that I am a true Alabama fan. I've been Alabama fans of the day I was born and I am a very grateful Alabama fan. Very grateful and excited to fan. Thank you, Nick, save us being here, coach. He laid Alabama football relevant again and just thank you for doing that. Tony, thank you. Dominique is up next in Jacksonville. Hey, Dominique, go right ahead. Paul, what's he doing? How you doing, Paul? Dominique, I'm doing great. Thank you. You know, I want to say this. You know, Roman Harper is one of my brother ex teammates at Alabama, Marcus mcknight. We were there with our cheese has deep close friends already gave our brothers scholarship out of Italian for then we got all of Alabama. We are on great coast saving a 100%. We have been together titled to be winning all the time. I remember going with my brother when we was when it speaks to 5 games. And there's junior year we won the car, but we want to live and that was Mike too. Second year there I think we coach Saban hit the nail on the head. We gotta be appreciate for this team. We are young. We lost a lot of guys off our team last year Paul. So many bandwagon fake fans start joining the team when we start winning. You know it and I know. Well, Dominika Dominic hold on a second. I mean, thanks for the call, but I like Griffin's Griffith said. Alabama's been winning. I mean, they won national championships under half a dozen coaches. So this has been something that's really been going on a very long time. Big dog is up next in Atlanta. Hello. Mister Paul, Paul find on how you doing, sir. What are you doing well? Thank you. Hey, I'm Georgia. This is what graduate the country's and want to talk just

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