Saints edge Seahawks...Broncos-Rams trade...Nets bounce back


AP sports I'm Josh Rowntree on Monday Night Football G. miss Winston passed for two hundred twenty two yards and a touchdown to Alvin Camaro he also let a go ahead field goal drive with just under two minutes to play as the saints beat Seattle thirteen ten on the NBA hard with the Celtics got by the Hornets in overtime one forty one twenty nine Jayson Tatum with forty one points in the win Milwaukee beat Atlanta at one nineteen one oh nine the hawks bested the pistons one twenty to one oh four Brooklyn B. Washington one of four ninety is Kevin Durant led the way with twenty five points he roughed up Orlando one of seven ninety Chicago's not by Toronto one eleven one await new Orleans got its first win one of seven ninety eight over Minnesota Cleveland edge Denver ninety nine eighty seven the clippers pounded Portland one sixteen eighty six in the NHL Columbus top Dallas for one same score as Carolina B. Toronto Calgary dismissed the Rangers five to one buffalo took down Tampa five one Florida remained unbeaten with a five three win over Arizona Washington got by Ottawa seven five in Saint Louis went to five and on the year with a three nothing shutout of the kings I'm Josh Rowntree AP sports

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