Every Symbol of American Patriotism Is Under Attack


Was reading an article this morning online from The New York Times entitled redesigning America's flag. What if we redesigned the American flag? Why not? And so a lot of woke people came up with different designs for the American flag 6 different takes. On old glory. They want to redesign the American flag. It suggests this article suggests, and I need to apologize to you because the other day there was a conversation about the the him lift every voice and sing. As an appropriate pregame anthem if you will, it's often referred to as the black national anthem. It's a beautiful Sean. And I told you that I didn't have that big a deal with it. And a lot of people were offended and I was ready for that. I figured you might be. I just felt like it wasn't that big a deal because it wasn't replacing the national anthem. It was going to be played or it is being played before the national anthem. But there is only one national anthem. And when I read about idiocy like redesigning the American flag I'm reminded that every symbol of patriotism every act of expressing our love of country. Everything that we believe in America as Americans is under attack. Then there should be no wiggle room. At sporting events, either. There should only be one Nash anthem.

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