Rep. Claudia Tenney Shares Her Stance on America's Security Leadership


And we are delighted to have with us somebody who I don't even want to call her a politician because she is and every time she comes on the show every time we see her speak, it's like an American. It is a citizen and that's what we need more of. Representing the 22nd congressional district of New York, congresswoman Claudia, welcome to one on one. Well, thank you for thank you for that great introduction. It's an honor to be on, of course. We have so much to discuss, especially we're going to talk about what a zuckerbuck is and your special, yes, your election integrity efforts will discuss that just give me lots of like a box. We'll talk about what is happening to the economy. We'll talk about recent events in D.C.. But first things first, tell us a little bit about your take as a mother of a marine as somebody who is deeply vested in the security of this nation. I want people not to forget what happened just barely a couple of months ago in Kabul. Give us your take from the inside from a member of the political elite of the last ten months of national security leadership in this nation. Yeah, let me just first say my deepest condolences to those families on the death of those 13 service members and women two women were also killed. Needlessly, we honor our gold star families, we actually did a vigil in my community to honor those 13 that were killed in August. And we also honored our gold star families from the latest wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nothing is more. Nothing more painful than to see service members killed in action, especially in a situation which shouldn't have happened. And that is why it's so tragic to watch. This whole I can't express how sad it was to see that that it actually happened. But we saw the chaos, developing on the ground, each day got worse, as Biden put forth his mission to remember how it started. And I remember the first committee. He said, I want to move out of Afghanistan and pull all our troops out on September 11th because it was symbolic day. Yeah, he wanted that photograph. He wanted that sound. I told that us out of Afghanistan. Is if the mission were not to advance freedom to ensure the safety and security of America, to protect our foreign assets, there are bases 85 billion in change of equipment left there with our enemy the Taliban to leave them to take back over and not understanding the callousness of President Biden to not see how devastating that was, especially to a New

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