Rush Limbaugh Saw Something Very Special in Charlie


Welcome to this special Thanksgiving episode of the Charlie Kirk show with my friend, the legendary. James golden. Otherwise known as Beau snored James, welcome to the Charlie Kirk show. Surely it is so good to be here, especially Thanksgiving. Wow, what a great what a great. Charlie, I love your casual look. Thank you. I appreciate that. You know, sometimes you just got to be able to move about, you know, and the suit and tie, you know, maybe I could graduate to just the polo shirt like rush used to do, right? Right, right? Yeah. Just the polo shirt. But say something, you just mentioned Russian. Let me just say something to everybody that doesn't know. Rush really made a big deal of how much he enjoyed meeting you Charlie and how vital he thought you were to the future of this nation. And I've told you that too many times over. It may rush and I had many a discussion about you, Charlie, we both talked about you to each other and what our expectations. I'm sorry, yeah, we have expectations of you. What our expectations were because when we see in you, what Russia knew what I see in you and I've told you this from the very beginning. You are a natural leader of people. You have a charisma about you that you can't, I mean, look, you can't teach anybody how to do this. You have natural leadership qualities. And what you've been able to do with turning point and what you've been able to do just in the past few years with organizing people, especially young people in this country is nothing short of phenomenal. Thank you. And rush love the time that he spent with you. He talked about you on the air and how impressed he was with you and what you're doing and we just are also grateful to you and the work that you're doing moving the conserve, not just conservative, but you're moving a very an optimistic American message into the next generation and into the future. Well, thank you. That touches

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