A highlight from Election direction


I want to know if factoid about a few of them and then they wonder what pants are you curious what a guy with absolutely no qualifications but who just has a computer and was probably kicked off. Facebook has to say about everything one of them will does. He know how to run. Wordpress i well. I don't wanna fucking throughout any spoilers. Fuck i am in okay. Sounds good so ready for this area. We cover anybody who's in running for your war doesn't matter where you're living unless you're not living in billings and then this doesn't have anything to do with you but it's still kind of fun so fucking stick around a while. Start with the date. Why not it's wednesday. October twentieth at six thirty eight. Pm here down in the bunker studios to point else. It's a special edition here. Let me address my microphone. Fascinated enough annoying sound for you here. This is the friday pag was talking. This is the special election. Twenty twenty one and retrograde candidate special insert awesome sound effect. Here special. took all

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