A highlight from A Snow Globe Christmas (Lifetime - 2013)

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Yes a lifetime lifetime. It's here everybody about to kick off the season but we're actually ending. What has been an amazing. What is this now eight months. We've been doing this this this off season off season fun time monday. It's just lonzo. Yeah it's been a wonderful splash of christmas all year long hair. I enjoyed it along. i have to. I've had a blast. It's been fantastic but also just to get to watch movies from other. Networks has been buying large refresh inc. In my opinion. There's been some turns out there but by and large refreshing refreshing to watch movies not made by the hallmark channel and what a year we are coming upon here. The holiday season with twenty twenty one is a wild one and the sheer number of movies. Wild at mentioned last peacock getting in the game new players very excited and we are what we're five days away from. The marathon marathons saturday this saturday man. Hard to believe going to be wild out there and let's not forget the now in stores. I'll be home for christmas. Move voter waiting for is thank you. So much. New york times bestsellers. It just feels good to say unbelievable to say for now. What seven weeks in a row. This crazy just stop it already but seriously just keep buying the book please do i mean are jet is not going to help you so you think that. The book is allowing us to refuel the jet. That's what you bought the jet okay but we have no money for all the all the jet that was on us so much jet fuel costs. That's on us. We thought it was. We thought it was just a straight on unleaded just unleaded situation rolling down. No go right. Yeah go go. Pm very upset very upset. Now we know real hum dinger here. We do This was on a lifetime uploaded to youtube during summer of santa's you guys remember summer of santa's way back when i was thankful for that And it's a snow. It's a snow globe. Christmas and they said you know what we could put this on our platforms. We could put on the street. You know whatever. Let's just do this one straight on youtube and we were very excited about a leash. Lewitt donald face on phase on. Who didn't know was a made-for-tv christmas movie. But here we are of scrubs and clueless fan so it was very excited to dive into this one and also was excited to find out if this was a sequel to snow globe or not and with christina. Milian the answer is all it does make for an interesting universe. Yes it does. We will get into all of that breakdown. Let's do it. Let's do this thing. A snow globe christmas originally aired on december fourteenth twenty thirteen and a went a little something like this meat meg. She is a hot shot. Tv producer gal. Who is on quite the tight schedule. Despite it being the holiday season she is working her employs to the bone and they aren't third about working so much around christmas. Meg picks up a snow. Globe and christina million dips low and sh- says hey what's to over there mega is like get away from me. And she's like christmas and there's here's a snow globe type of thing. Meg throws a snow globe on the ground. It bounces up hits. Her in the face shattered she falls to the ground. She wakes up and she is in this league very snow globe. Type town It's quiet there and she is. She's she's this guy named ted who they she knew from college but he's like a. You're my wife. We have two kids. She's freaked out by this. She's like did. I get drugged was kidnapped. Am i on the set of a movie. What's going on and she comes to the realization. This bus. just be a dream tree. I however the next morning She sees ted again and she screamed and she runs outside. This can't be a dream. I woke up what's going on. She's like i can't do this And so she tries multiple different things to try to get out of this. Whatever it is. She can't do it and ted tells her i'm committed to helping you kind of come out of this and realize that you are my wife and that i'm in love with you. I'm she then sees her real life boyfriend eric. Trevor donovan. if you will. And he doesn't know who she is she doesn't know whereas his girlfriend or anything like that. She starts to throw some game at him. He's not upset about it Meg then takes over. The town pageants decides to do tryouts instead of drawing straws and the town gets quite upset about this one. She announces the roles and that her son got one of the leads. You know big deal there then. Eric tries to kiss meg out a christmas party. His wife sees this whole thing gets very upset. Then ted tells meg that if you listen if you want something else in life this is your chance to get whatever the townfolk get altogether. They find out that the awards are being sold. Which i didn't know could be done. But as they're all they're all owned by this one guy and he's like listen. The town has changed the woods. I'm going to just going to sell them. Might as well give at this point. Maga's about to leave the town. She realizes i've done too much wrong. Here everything's bad for this town because of me. And then she gets his idea of how to save everything. I'm gonna make the patch of fundraiser. So the town can buy the woods. The woods will then be owned by the people of the town. Yeah the pageants that big hit. She falls back in love with ted after doing a little dance on stage and she says never wake me up. Suddenly she wakes up. She's back on set from honor movie. She tells her employees go home. It's christmas it's a wrap on the movie. It's good enough. And i felt like that was some real life. Stuff right there She takes the broken up to place that can fix snow globes. It's close but she finds out she can go to this cabin or something goes to the cabin. It's the snow. The cabin from the globe sees ted. And ted's wife goes inside it's not wife. It's his sister the kids. It's the sisters kit. Sister sits there to mr sister's kid. They look on the christmas tree. And we've seen ornaments of christina million and who doesn't have an ornament of christina milian. He says that's my mom. What it's this whole thing. They cast their in love ten years later still in love and now my friends was snow. Go chris we did it. I mean that had a nellie reference in it anna christina million reference senate the only one we ever give on this of course but still one nonetheless. i mean. we're doing it for me. Listen we are hip with the cultural zeitgeist. Sure are low and just a dream hot. What's new wouldn't be a monday without a pussycat reference Let's say a quick break and we will come back. We'll break this movie down with our four segments here on the homework.

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