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Your host. Colin would today on the podcasts. We are returning back to the gospels. If you have been with us for any length of time we have been talking about the revival and the move of god at long hollow Really since january is how long we've been talking about this but go back. If you want a refresher of where we were we were journeying through the gospels and we were in luke two. We just finished luke two where jesus twelve years old he gets lost and then is found fewer member. He was twelve years old and we. We ended talking about a model prayer away to pray for your children. Based on how verse. Fifty two of luke describes jesus increasing in wisdom and stature in favor with god and people so today we get to luke chapter three where jesus is no longer twelve. He's thirty and we meet a wild man in the wilderness pastor. Yes man. I have so many questions about this chapter. The first the first thing that comes to mind is what in the world is he doing in the wilderness and this does not seem to be the best Ministry building location It seems a little strange He's not in the marketplace. He's not even in the temple but this is where he chooses or where god leads him to have his ministry to preach and teach and so. I'm assuming because you have taught me well that there is some significance to where he is located. And why you see this. Is you only been on for a couple of times and you're already asking the right questions learn. You're already asking the right question. Which is the that is the question. Why is john the wild man in the wilderness. Now it's a deeper question then. You may even know. You're asking chris from tom. Tom would really stumble on some deep questions. He didn't even know how deep they were. But that was pretty deep because the question is why is john in the wilderness. But the better question is why is a man from the priesthood. Who's supposed to be in the temple and has every right to be in the temple. Why is he out in the wilderness. If you're going to start a movement you don't do it in the if you wanna start a an exponential move of god. You don't do it all by the by the dead sea jordan river. I wouldn't have even known to ask about john and priesthood like that connection. Isn't there for me and abm slow. But that's what i'm here for. No that's good and you're doing so good already so here we go here. we go. We're going to pick back up with luke chapter three now. Just a couple things as colin mentioned if you want to refresh her go back to twenty twenty and we talk about how to think. Like jesus the jewishness the western mindset versus the eastern hebraic mind said and so that's a refresher to where we are so calm. We're going to pick up in luke chapter three remember. Luke is a doctor okay. So when is writing. He is writing to a particular audience. And that's something we talked about obviously in a previous podcast and so when luke teaches theology. It's important to remember this. Luke is always going to teach from direct quotations in the mouths of the people. It's interesting so when somebody speaks or or or an encounter happens. Luke is going to highlight insights or tow torah observations or a theological truth in the mouths of the people and through the actions of the people. So that's just something to remember as we begin salute chapter three and just be aware i will stop periodically. Probably sooner than later. So just be aware. That lou chapter three verse one. You want me to read just start reading and when i stop you stop you. Okay in the fifteenth year of the reign of tiberius. Caesar while pontius pilot was governor of judy judea herod was tetrarch of galilee. His brother philip. Tetrarch of the region of boy keeping just go And tech track denied us and lassigny simultaneous tetrarchy of abilene. Okay now let me stop you hear it. Let me teach you something that i that i learned in seminary i appreciate you giving me eight city names right out the gate well. That was actually has one and done. Yeah when i learned in seminary years ago was if you're preaching or reading or teaching and you come across a word you can't pronounce you pronounce it boldly and act like you know what it means and move on. You know nobody. I mean who knows you know. That's a joke. There's actually a way believe it or not. If you want to know pronounce these words there actually is a way that would have been helpful to tell me before berko. Now i have a. I have a bible. Software called law gos- but you can just go online and type these words in which i've done from time to time And you can pronounce them in the greek or the hebraic background there in a new abilene. Because that's in tex- texas right not to be confused where matt chandler or pazar. Yeah we just heard about that recently. Okay here's the deal. Why does luke include this first line In the beginning of chapter three any ideas. Why would luke start with that My guess is to place it at a point in time in history for us. That's exactly right So right out the gate starting good. Today it's early but great. He's historically time stamping this moment in john's life. And so you gotta understand. John is not some fictitious character. Made up This guy in the woods who's just Not real doesn't have a personality not human. No john's a real man in a real time period and a rio culture speaking the real people. And so as jesus which was interesting for me to really. I can't remember when it shifted. But i remember growing up. I was in a different religion. Obviously but i remember growing up as a young boy. Thinking jesus was similar to the tooth fairy or santa claus. I mean this is crazy thing about that. Jesus was like a utilitarian genie. That i could rub the lamp and call upon you know but he wasn't like a real person and there was a study done in years past called the the historical. Jesus study. you remember this now. Some of these guys for the record got off track okay. So they really got off track. You gotta be careful. You want to to to to ride The fence on one side. Jesus's all man the other side. Jesus's all god's you don't wanna get too far on each side because you'll get off on a tangent but just just to stop here before we go on. John is a real man in a real time place in a real city with real kings in real rulers happening at that time. So let's continue reading. What happened curious. If i can ask you. Have you seen the series called the chosen. Yeah about jesus one of the things just you saying that reminded me that when my family watched the it really pulled out jesus humanity for me because i saw jesus laugh and i never thought about jesus laughing but of course he laughed he. He was a human.

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