Rashida Tlaib Endorses Prison Abolition Bill to 'Empty Federal Jails'


Will Rashida Tlaib? It was a very questionable individual. She believes we need to end federal prisons and open up all the jails and the criminals. This is now a stated policy position of the Democrat party. Now you might say, how could anyone possibly believe this? Will you see if you do not believe? That people are naturally inclined towards doing evil? Then you have to explain it away. And Rashida Tlaib believes that prisons are the reason why people do bad things. Again, you must go to college to believe such things as play cut 20. Yeah, again, I think that everyone's like, oh my God, we just release everybody. This one's. But did you see how many people are mentally ill that are in prison right now? No, I know, but the act that you don't actually release everyone, human traffic is. Oh, I know. Child sex that are mentally ill that have substance abuse problems. Why are you asking me about them? You're asking me about the traffickers trying to understand your proposal is sort of sweeping. It does release everyone. What? So sometimes I watch these clips beforehand. Sometimes I don't. Good for Jonathan Swan. I'm gonna text him after this. He's from axios. Tlaib, that's stupid? No, she's actually a I could see it immediately. I'm like, okay, now I know what I'm dealing with. And yeah, I'm just kind of a loss for words. What I was just watching there. She was admitting, like, of course, oh, I know. I'm gonna open up all the prisons, of course, obviously. The sex traffickers the murders, the arsonists, hey, you know what we need? Ted Kaczynski needs to be walking the streets again, according to Rashida

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