The Omicron Non-Emergency


The non emergency, according to The Wall Street Journal. The World Health Organization obviously is saying that the new variant poses a high new risk. And that beyond the large mutations in its spike protein, that we don't know that if this has increased transmissibility or could make vaccine antibodies less effective. South African doctors say that the cases are milder and cause different symptoms noticeably fatigue. Many are young people who might be expected to have milder symptoms. But breakthrough infections have also been mild. I don't think it will blow over. But I think it will be a mild disease hopefully. Despite all of this, European countries are now entertaining another round of lockdowns. Because they worried that socialized healthcare systems could get overwhelmed. This is The Wall Street Journal I'm reading from. 92% of adults in America have COVID antibodies. 92%. As of September from vaccines or prior infection. That means only 8% of America hasn't yet been exposed to the virus. Governor Cathy hoka, who of course is trying to win another term, she hasn't even won one term. Let's just say, when a term as governor, she's the accidental governor, she's like Gerald Ford. She she thinks that you become governor of New York by sewing fear and having total shutdowns and lockdowns, somehow that is something that state of New York wants.

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