A highlight from myDurham 311 Skill

Voice in Canada


Hello, Terry here. Hope you're doing well. It's Tuesday and I've got a really interesting skill that I want to tell you about today. If you are in the Ontario region or more specifically, if you are in the Durham region. And I hope I pronounced that right, because I'm not Ontario. This region launched the first of its kind smart home voice app in Canada. And I've always thought this is a really great use case for voice apps or for skills. Here is what the deal is all about. So there is a new skill called the my Durham three one one skill. And what it does is it allows people allows you to talk to Lexi and find out information about your region. So for example, elected officials, regional facilities, waste pickup, nearest bus stops, even when to expect the nearest transit bus. And so all you have to do is say Lexi open my Durham three one one and then you are set to go. So give it a try. If you're in that area for sure, give it a try. And like I said at the beginning, I think this is a fantastic use case. I would love to see lots of other government organizations and regions and whatever it is, just create these informational skills that then you can tap into to simply ask those questions that you're wondering about when it comes to getting services and goods in your particular area. I think it's a great great idea. So there you go, give it a shot, and if you've got any feedback for me about it, please feel free to let me know. Just go to Twitter and hit me up, doctor Terry Fisher, DR TRI FIS agar, and I'd love to hear more about your experience with it. All right, talk to you again tomorrow.

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