Series to start...NFL: protocols working...Blackhawks probe


AP sports sign Geffen cooled off the Braves began their first World Series since nineteen ninety nine with a six two win over the Astros correspondent Adam Spillane has the details in Houston for home Salerno Adam duvall smacked home runs as the Atlanta Braves took game one of the World Series by beating the Houston Astros so where's Homer came on the game's third page and do falls third inning two run shot St the Braves to a five nothing the doing that on the road and you know kind of get them first at bat jitters out of the way it is big so you know obviously this is a long series is gonna be a dogfight Charlie Morton started for Atlanta but had to leave in the third inning after suffering a fractured right fibula beginning before NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday the league will not release the findings of its ten month investigation into allegations that the Washington football team engaged in harassment and abuse we think protecting the people that helped us get to that place the people that unfortunately had to live through that experience there we respect them and make sure that we protect them in the NBA the Lakers survived with star lebron James sidelined by an ankle injury as Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook combined for sixty eight points in a one twenty five one twenty one win over the spurs the jazz beat the nuggets one twenty to one ten the Knicks knocked up the seventy Sixers one twelve ninety nine the mavs down the rockets one sixteen one oh six and the warriors top the thunder one oh six ninety eight Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman resigned Tuesday after a team investigation revealed he mishandled allegations that an assistant coach sexually assaulted a player during the team's two thousand ten Stanley Cup run in the NHL entry Polat and Ryan McDonagh scored ten seconds apart in the second period in the defending champion lightning's five to one route of the penguins the flames topped the devils five to three the wild held on to beat the Canucks three to two the crack and flatten the Canadians five to one the jets adds the docks four to three and the golden knights said predators are in three to one wins over the avalanche and sharks respectively yes I'm cool bokeh piece sports

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