Eric and Albin Discuss 'Is Atheism Dead?' on Launch Day


It's the launch date today, Tuesday for my new book. I probably never mentioned it. It's called is atheism dead? Yes. And it's a handsome book. It's 400 and something pages, color photos. And you can get it for 45% off. If you go to my website, Eric metaxas dot com scroll down, this is very limited. I don't know how they can do 45% off. I'm not joking. I don't care where you order it from, by the way, but I'm just letting you know. But because today is the launch date you thought you could interview me about the book. Now we did that an hour one. We recorded that a couple of days ago. But of course we didn't scratch the surface. There's so much bizarre stuff in this book. I'm so excited about it that I can't shut up and I apologize. But let me just ask you, why don't you ask me, you don't even have to ask me a question. You can just comment on what you've read because you've had a lot of interesting observations and I was thrilled as the author to hear you respond to it. No, no, it's just been tremendous. I was reading it on the train in and out of the studio. And then, of course, you went on your book tour. You've just started it basically and today is the big day. By the way, here's what usually I have a candle in a cupcake and I say congratulation, happy new book to you. Happy to. But this one has a black cover. It's about well death is atheism dead and it's kind of rhetorical when you ask the question. It's about life. Yeah. It's about death is dead, then it is life that is a lie. But that's another story. Go ahead. Go ahead. Now, John smear act and others have actually brought this out. It's really written in three parts. There's the scientific part about whether you should believe in God or not. And science is continually proving the existence of God, not just like, eh, maybe some, some necessarily. There's a loving God who is a designer and designed this place that we live. Okay, then there's biblical archeology that continually proves that the Old Testament and New Testament. These are not just stories. These are true accounts of what happened in the past.

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