Nick Searcy Compares the Trump Presidency Versus Biden Regime


Let's talk about what we have witnessed in the last ten months. What we have seen in the transition from the Trump administration to the current Biden, I prefer to call it regime. You've been around a fair few years, you've been around the block here of a certain age. Did you ever think it would be this bad this fast? I would say yes. I kind of, you know, I knew when the events of the election happened the way they happened. I knew it was going to get bad fast because I knew that the people behind the Joe Biden administration you know, they're not Joe Biden. It's kind of a cabal behind him that's putting origin his mouth and telling him what to do. And I knew that they were going to move as fast as they possibly could to destroy as much of the country as they could get done before any backlash happens because that's what Lyft has always do whenever they get both houses and they get the presidency. They move the ball down the field as far as they can. Without any mercy whatsoever. And then when the Republicans, you know, get back the house, we may be take back 5, 6, 7 yards, and then they get it again and move it even further down the field. So I kind of figured when Joe Biden was installed that this was going to get really bad really

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