Why Do Atheists Try to Convert Others to Atheism?


Now this month is the publication of your new book is atheism dead, so the questions are all around that. Okay, so these are thematic questions for ask me, taxes. Yes. And we're going to start now. Go, go, go. Okay, why do atheists try to convert people to a ha. That's a great question. Yeah. Okay, I deal with all this stuff in the book because we know that, I mean, I think one of the central theses of the book is that atheism is intellectually. Confused. If you are a genuine atheist, if you actually, we're not saying you believe, oh, I hate Christians or I don't know if God exists, but you say, I know that God doesn't exist. If you state that and you say you're an atheist, it follows logically without any question that follows logically that there's no meaning in the universe. Everything is random accidental, there's no good or evil. These things follow logically. There's no way around it. But typically atheists live in what Sartre, who was an atheist until the end of his life, which I talk about in the book, he called it bad faith. It sounds better in French. But it's like malfoy. I can't say it. Forgive me. But bad faith means that you're living with two things in your mind and the two don't they disagree with each other. So the idea of an atheist is saying, I believe in atheism that there's no God, but I'm gonna try to convince you of it makes no sense because what does anything matter if there is no God. If there is no God and we are utterly random, the idea that you would benevolently try to lead somebody to the truth, I would simply say to you, where do you get that idea that you should

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