If Masks Work, Why Aren't They Working?


Australia has ironically turned into a prison colony They want that here in the United States Listen to the Carrie chant from New South Wales in Australia explain how the mask who she can't produce a shred of evidence will do anything to stop the coronavirus pandemic I give you the golden rule the money ball rule right He's a good hit or why doesn't he hit good When you apply the money ball rule to masks Notice how liberals they sit there and they start to foam at the mouth and scream when you ask them basic questions like if masks work why are mass working anywhere Why we've gone through billions of masks billions of masks and yet nothing's changing Why is that If master so effective why is nothing changing But listen to Kerry Chan from Australia explain This will be coming here soon How listen you may be wearing masks inside for a really long time not just now because they love the visual symbol of fear Play that cut Your level of restrictions what you permit it may be that we actually have indoor mask wearing So yes and this virus may throw us curveballs There may be you know we've got the delta variant but help us if we have another variant If you listen to the podcast earlier producer Joe caught on to something in that clip I didn't know the delta variant gave you curve balls I don't know what curveballs are I mean I know what a

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