Politician J.D. Vance Sees a Grassroots Movement Talking Hold Across the Nation


Terry just doesn't get it. He is in his little bubble. The man who was Virginia governor who wants to be governor again, he's doubling tripling down on CRT, count three, Terry mccaul F we've got to go back, K to 6. Early on, we've got to start teaching, talking about these issues much earlier than we've done it before. And we don't do a good job in our education system, talking about diversity, inclusion, openness, and so forth. We don't. We got our textbooks, but you know, there has to be a big part of how do you fit in into the social work of our nation and our fabric. How is it that we deal with one another is to me is as important as your math class or your English class and so forth. K to 6. Math, not so much diversity and inclusion. I know our first guest is going to have something to say about that. He is stirring up the political world with his candidacy for the Senate in Ohio JD Vance. Welcome back to America first. Thank you for having me. You must be watching with a very, very close eye, the last ten days in Virginia. The whole CRT doubling down. Is this a phenomena? Are you witnessing the pushback on a similar scale in Ohio? How bullied are you that Americans are finally waking up, JD? Look, I'm very excited about what I'm seeing. Certainly in Virginia, but also in Ohio, it feels like there's a real grassroots movement brewing on the conservative movement right now. And it's just like in times past it's not just the politicos. It's not just the establishment folks. Sometimes not even people who are that political, but they're just very fired up about what their kids are teaching. Their kids are coming home, crying upset because they're being told that they're a bad person depending on the color of their skin and they're just fed up about it. And I think, you know, it may very well take down tearing the calls, but I certainly think it is the beginning of the movement all across this country that's going to take down a lot of Democrats all over all over the

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