J. Warner Wallace's New Book 'Person of Interest' Is the Perfect Companion to 'Is Atheism Dead?'


J Warner Wallace is my guest and then beyond that his book is called person of interest who is the person of interest, Jesus of Nazareth. This is a very exciting provocative and unfortunately important book. Well, let's welcome the program. Thanks so much for having me. If I didn't know Eric, that I was going to release this book. At the same time that Eric metaxas is going to have a new book. I would have said, you know, let's wait till January. What am I doing trying to release a book while you got a book? I was thinking the same thing about my book. So here's what we have to do. We have to tell people if you don't buy both books, you're crazy. You're dividing a friendship, you're destroying the body. Okay. That's right. Now look, seriously, this book, my book is not really about Jesus actually. So my book is, I said a low bar for my book is atheism dead. I just wanted to show in a way the scientific evidence for a creator. You don't have to say it's Jesus. You don't have to say, but to say there is no creator of any kind is at this point preposterous. I then talk about biblical archeology, which makes it really clear that the Bible is certainly no collection of folktales and it's probably totally historical, even though you can't prove that it's totally historical, and then I talk about atheism, but I do not go into what you go into in this book. So I think we could pitch it as their companion

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