Larry O'Connor: Stop Worrying About Who Sits in the White House


And what we saw in Virginia with the election of glencoe in the first Republican elected statewide since 2009 was exactly the power and organization and political message that we need to spread far and wide between now and election day next year Stop worrying about who's sitting in the Oval Office Does it matter of course it matters But right now what matters more How do you win this country by changing the president and then everything gets fixed Come on You're smarter than that you know better You know your founders the founders didn't want that You'd think James Madison and Alexander Hamilton and George Washington and Thomas Jefferson wanted us to wring our hands and worry about who would sit in The White House every four years Our entire country was built on the premise of divesting power from the federal government in the nation's capital The most important decisions that happen in our lives should be made at the local level and there's nothing more local than school boards Fix your house fix your neighborhood fix your community fix your town fix your county fix your school district That's how you change a country I've got more to say about that coming up in a little bit But that's what we need to focus on right now

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