South African President Cyril Ramaphosa Calls for Reverse of Joe Biden's Travel Ban


At the Cyril ramaphosa Have you ever heard of Cyril ramaphosa mister producer How about mister coal screener He's very busy While he's the prisoner of South Africa today and he's ticked off Joe Biden picked 8 African countries 8 African country A black country is essentially To put a travel man out there and is no doubt I didn't hear anything Every talk show host in America On TV and raiders pointed that out to you Now if Joe Biden were Donald Trump you know that they'd be calling him a racist and here's the thing Joe Biden actually has a racist history That's right he was a segregationist He threw in with the too Mississippi former plantation honors He likes to talk about Charlottesville Charlottesville is nothing to do with race when it came to tromp All I know the lib media the Democrats their little websites get all worked up about it but the fact is the president did not support the clan or neo Nazis None of them It's a horrible death that took place there as well But here he is Cut 13 go We call upon these countries that have imposed travel bans On our country and our other southern African sister countries To immediately and urgently reverse their decisions Now these restrictions are completely unjustified And unfairly discriminate against our country and our southern African sister

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