Would There Be So Much Vaccine Resistance Under Trump?


There is a great resistance by americans to being told by the government to do. I'm gonna tell you flat out about the vaccine. i'm determined. I've talked to too many people. And i'm not going to get into an argument with you about the vaccine. I'm going to agree with you. You're not going to take the vaccine likely because you're not going to be told what to put in your body that's it in fact you'll your your position and i get it i. I've interviewed many many people over the last year. You don't want to take the vaccine because you're not going to be forced to do so you're going to choose to do so. And the mandates are driving you from taking it here was with president trump. Said to my friend sean. Hannity last night on fox news about the vaccine and these mandates How is it possible. More people died this year when he was hammering. You all last year about it. Well you know saying the other day is very interesting during my administration. Everybody one of the vaccine there was. nobody's saying. Oh gee i don't wanna take it. Now they say that. And that's because they don't trust the biden administration. I can think of no other reason but they say we don't want it. We aren't gonna take it when i was there. Everybody wanted it and we were doing great with the military. Did a fantastic job. Outside of the television generals we have great generals. We have great leadership in the military. Great

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