'Combat Sports News & Clubb Bangerz (#7): Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder' ft. Clubber D the Combat G (Ball & Buds Podcast Episode #27)



Who who. Who will he choose. We are waiting with baited yes. It's minted baited breath. My friend take it away. I know everybody wants to know what is club. Radice pick who who is club or diga pick. Who does the combat she think will win the rubber match between tyson fury and deonte wilder. Who's gonna win before. I give my prediction. Let's see what led up to this so we all know about the first fight. It was a draw me personally. I thought wilder should one. That count was kinda slow. I kinda slow. The count was low and When weary with furious. I got floored he got up damn near one that round if wow they knock them down fear would win that fight. It was still close. It was a draw. Some people say if you're a one but because of that devastating knockout. Some people gave to wilder giving edge either way. It was a draw bill to the second fight. Second fight i mean fury swishes holtkamp. Camp up start training macron boxing with with with sugarhill legendary Transco for manual store recipes. You know saying nobody number legends in heart in hard hitters came out of a crop. Boxing up there in detroit but Gower sugarhill changes. Oh game playing math. Wilders ass out now louder has um you know a couple of excuses. He said here i. It was His suit was too heavy. But one actually address negro power engine recruiter table with attitude One should look like extra. Game of thrones. You chose look like that. So don't don't blame the suit. That was you buddy. So i said of the suit was actually twenty forty pounds in a long walk. look here you ain't demolition. You're not leaving the dum okay. If it was that bad maybe you should. Johnson arena around like us all awards going. I don't know but don't blame. Don't make excuses now. He fired mark zalin. His cornermen santa he always sabotage him and he did complain about the water and he was seeing double and it is a small conspiracy going right now because post fight. Fury refuses to the water. That that that they get. I speak fury refuse to take of the water that they gave him say that ten times. So you know at. I'm not gonna make excuses feerick. And what a great game plan came and heavier presa action. He is the best now with all those who i'd say He is the best boxer wade been. You might be a little bit of pure boxer but fury his ass goes bad and he really like the black olive oil like he's wilder. Didn't look prepared the second fight now here. We go third fight. Fury tried to skip him. Go straight to the anthony joshua so we can get undisputed. You know it was in the clause that water got a rematch. There was gonna be a rubber match if you wanna wait. Try to breach contract. Go fight josh. What they already had date they wanna fight. Wembley but there's issue with that because that's a fury does not have a license to fight in the uk. His has been suspended since he beats klitschko. Okay he tests positive for. Pd's for pets you know. He hasn't he doesn't have a license in in the uk. Now he can always get reinstated. He can call the queen he can call each elbow. He can call painting a bear. Maybe even danger mouse's somebody may wanna spice. Maybe they can help you know they could try license back into austin powers is helping trying to help out with that but you know. I don't know what happened. But he can't find the uk right now hasn't for years and he doesn't want them to go through investigation because the former that he bought the lamb meat from the contaminated lamb equal. That's kind of our special

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