Students in China Are 'Crushing It' Academically


We had some wonderful supporters of the show, callers listeners who gave a very large donation to one of our charities last year. So we invited them here to have lunch with me. They came into the studio last week. And I didn't know anything about them upset their great supporters. They just returned from four years in China, where they were running an international school day. It's a bit like, you know, the Soviet Army, an international school has to have a Chinese headmaster and a western headmaster. This lady was the western principle and her husband was one of the teachers. And she told me this story her students were just absolutely to use the vernacular crushing it academically. And they were traveling to Oxford in Cambridge, being given scholarships going to the best schools, all of them getting the best grades in the stem subjects. None of them started the humanities. It was all biology, mathematics, engineering, and so forth. And they just dominating the global academic environment. Isn't that indicative? It's not Parton parcel of this worldview that the current regime has and how the people beneath the regime are gobbling up global assets. 11 million Chinese kids take the college entrance exam each year. That's a gaucho. 50% of them are going to get university places. In other words, the Chinese government sets the threshold for failure at 50% because they know that's going to give the maximum motivation to their kids. And they work their hearts out for years, only half of them will pass. That is a brutal and ruthless meritocracy. The devil takes the hindmost. Here, we can't tolerate failure. Every kid's got to be above average. Everyone's equaled some are more equal than others, and we people who have a political lobby behind their particular ethnicity or sexual orientation. And whereas the Chinese tend to major as you said, in the stem subjects, take the toughest stuff, only 7% of our kids take engineering. We graduate 40,000 mechanical engineers a year. That's why Tim Cook says he can't build an iPhone in the United States. So the Chinese think the world is going to be there. They're on all of what the United States used to be. And they want to be the United States of 1890 crushing Britain and eating Britain's

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