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My name is manny faces. Let's go and the thing about hip hop today it is. It's smart that the way that they can communicate a complex message in a very short space. It is is remarkable and a lot of these. They're not gonna be reading the new york times that's not how they're getting very formation. We'll bought the least. We'll do they do so hip hop pop peace in love. Happy halloween weekend. Perhaps a perfect time to talk to not just a phantom. The phantom the maestro behind the magnificent ill harmonic orchestra melding the worlds of hip hop classical music. It's a fascinating long-overdue discussion. And i can't wait till we get into it but i very quickly a few small updates and changes to the hip hop can save america ecosystem. I we have a free newsletter. That i think you'll love. It's called the hip hop advocate. It's a weekly or so handpicked collection of articles and news items that highlight innovative and inspiring uses of hip hop music and culture. Just like this. 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Please let the people know how you present yourself to the world and give them an idea of why we're talking today on hip hop can save america dove. I am the phantom hip-hop with classical music in have toured with my own orchestra known as the ill harmonic. I've been combining hip was our probably since nineteen eighty seven When i makes the beastie boys. Paul revere beethoven specifically the rest is the rest is history as a as a i. I am honored to be a part of this podcast in. I've been following you for a while. So i'm really appreciate the opportunity now likewise the feelings mutual. I've been watching you for a minute. Not since nineteen eighty seven. Though i wasn't i wasn't hanging around that long i mean i was around right. You know i was playing. Paul revere in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. You know it's funny. Just obviously as a dj suspend. I do some things. I always loved the. What is it the walter murphy band. Beethoven's fifth disco joint debates over fifty. Beethoven that's it so it's been a favorite thing in my so obviously you know to come up and start tracking folks and paying attention of folks who are using hip hop in innovative ways. Outside of what would be typically known as mere entertainment. You know folks are using orchestration. Full ensembles for orchestras. I've seen some some of the are icons of farrell march rocking alive. Basie gnaws do it with the symphony orchestras and such so says. It's a beautiful thing when you when you witness it And i know that you've been kind of Just in the center of that for so long before they might have been doing in name. I assure people do hip theater as like. Yeah i mean. Hamilton's nice but we doing it right for sure. Answer tell me about the history of like how you start putting together how long you've been rocking this this concept of merging. These two worlds so so for me. I grew up in a household it was full with music. You know my my father had a large record collection. He wasn't a dj but he had everything from from motown's and are and my mom. She sang in church choirs. She was always singing around the house and she put me in via lessons when i was like eight years old. You know so. It's really kind of keep me out of trouble. I was you know. We've we lived in a rough neighborhood. So you know she had to give me some extracurricular activities wouldn't be out there in the street understa. Where'd you up with. Was this woman before the crack epidemic. So if you get if you could imagine you know it was a neighborhood then transformed into something totally different in delayed eighties in the early nineties for me. You know having had that that background music. I remember vividly. my brother bringing home. Paul revere you know sit there and listen to it in for me like i heard all of that and that once you know. I'm sitting around. The living room floor may have been twelve. Thirteen men inch. I wonder if this will go with engine. We know we had this double team turntables recorded. You know the be. From the beastie boys on one you know scratches from revere you know had a whole bunch of aaron good you know it was. It was my creation. I really didn't realize what i created back in because it wasn't there wasn't a blueprint for that right like bill rocking over overweight. Beats james brown and things like that but no one really really kind of put orchestration the fifth beethoven had existed but no one was doing it as far as a as a him. Bob context and i remember what i did. I took it to my to my best friend's house on a play form any positive if thrown across the roman told me. It will never work from that moment. I was bonded to dry up now. We'll show you what it is that i'm going to do in a few years later. But i'm rocking with the with the philadelphia orchestra and the chamber orchestra. Philadelphia's in dan. I form my ensemble. I still speak to that catch to this day. And every time i you know every time i listen. You're responsible for

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