LL Cool J, Carole King, Tina Tuner inducted into Rock Hall


The rock and roll hall of fame has inducted and eclectic class of musicians for twenty twenty one for a show that will be broadcast on HBO on November twentieth marches are a letter with the latest it's Eminem performing with LL cool J. for L. L.'s induction into the rock call Todd Rundgren was a no show for his well Tina Turner accepted by video noting that if she's still getting the words of the age of eighty one she must be doing something right fighters performed with Paul McCartney for their induction Carole King gets in for a second time JZ is in the first time on the ballot Belinda Carlisle and Gina Schock agogo say they're amazed they were ever considered we had no idea what you're doing when we started in nineteen seventy eight so and here we are I don't know what we don't know

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