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Because the court is requiring them to do it Is this concept of remain in Mexico And this concept of remaining in Mexico is fascinating now because the entire purpose of revoking the remain in Mexico policy was the Biden administration memorandum fading that there's no way to do this without humane manner And so now what's interesting is as they're being forced to implement this and they're actually implementing it with lingo council and with the international organization of migrating helping security safety for people in Mexico And all the kinds of things that they're doing because they're concerned about the safety of the people in them It is potentially going to be a very interesting thing to see in the court It's sort of all of these human rights elements that are being implemented as part of remaining in Mexico will actually undermine the argument now in corn but as it will potentially be a no good deed goes unpunished situation And now it will be impossible to revoke the remain in Mexico policy because the court can say you see there is a humane way to do this The way you're doing it so why do you need to revoke the policy And so this is going to be a very interesting thing to watch moving forward And as the Biden administration still using the COVID excuse for not accepting yeah they're still using title 42 in cases where their signal adults and both single adults are still working in their way into the system and they don't have any sort of equity for why they would be paroled or light in from the country And I think you will see that until the lifting in its totality of the COVID-19 emergency which hasn't been listed yet But you still have this COVID national emergency And I think until you see that get lifted you're still going to busy at least some number of people be excluded under the title 42 authority So I haven't heard that much in the last few weeks about the numbers of illegal immigrants coming into the country Has that subsided a little Sure Well those numbers are lower and they have to And that's because this isn't usually the time of year They're sort of three things going on at the same time One this isn't usually the type of year where you feed surges even in Texas It actually gets quite cold And so people don't usually start coming in December November during that time period But you do see those numbers slipping and they slip for three consecutive months now But also the fact that people are still being subjected to title 42 and now the remaining inventor policy does mean you're going to start seeing these numbers Thanks for being on the show Leon That's Leon fresco a partner at Holland and knight In other legal news today a federal court has ruled that information tied to any compromise agreements that former president Trump made with the IRS over his personal and business tax returns must be released even though the underlying returns are protected The decision included partial wins for both the IRS and the electronic privacy information center a nonprofit that requested personal and business tax records tied to Trump under the freedom of information act This information request is one of several fights tied to Trump's tax returns including a legal fight in a D.C. court between a House committee and the Treasury Department over subpoenas for tax information And that's it for this edition of

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