Twitter, Aaron Lewis And Drew Hernandez Andy discussed on The Dan Bongino Show


Biden coughed up along the media would tell us the lung looks healthy Monday on the Chris plant show I am on WLS a.m. 8 90 The most informative three hours you'll have all day The damn bongino show I'm like Jim what's that sound What do you mean What's that sound We're working You're like back on the air like everything changed I was listening to Aaron Lewis right From stain that all of a sudden here's a bumper music about you So well there's just to make this story short and sweet about what Twitter Twitter did So Twitter institute of this new policy you're not going to be able to post people's pictures if they're not public figures on Twitter anymore I mean well why did they do that Well they did it simply for one reason Because investigative journalists like drew Hernandez Andy no and others go out there project veritas and they do investigative journalism And when they catch people doing nasty stuff the antifa people don't like it So Twitter was like oh well let's just stop project veritas and you know if I'm doing it Now the left is losing their mind because the left is starting to figure out that when they go to their what they call anti extremism rallies they can't take pictures of you either So the left is like that wasn't such a great idea Twitter maybe we should dial that thing back I told you all these policies are always cannibalistic in the end I told you always they'll always come back to bite the left They're just too stupid to figure it out All right more on that coming up Hey I can't tell you how excited I am that my pillow is a sponsor of the radio show I've been here for a

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