Caller Reviews South Carolina Children's Theatre's Production of 'Annie'


I was in the audience with my grandkids, and my adult children and you were fantastic. The whole cast was good. The production itself was beyond a children's theater. And anybody that can get a ticket should go. You're so confident. You were dead immortal. You were in character. Yeah, no, I love that. I love that part. It's a great story because it's and I, you know, there's a monologue in the show about being alone. And you know, when I lost my Denise, it's like you think about that. You think about what's if you don't have anybody to share your life with, you might like the line is on the show. You might as well might as well be alone and broke again and back in hell's kitchen. So thank you, pan. That means a lot to me. The audiences have been incredible. It's been so fun and I think you're right. This does not feel like children's theater. No, not at all. And there were all ages. There were old people like me and there were little kids and we talked about it when we left that every one of them. Thank you. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Pam. That means a lot to me. Thank you very much for calling in and

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