ABC's George Stephanopoulos Pushes Kamala Harris on Border Crisis


So here's the tsarina herself. Kamala Harris, being asked by George Stefan biopolis, why don't you fix the border? You're supposed to be calling the shots. Listen to this, astounding answer, and keep it in the context of knowing she's what we're stuck with if we don't have Biden. 8 months ago, the president gave you the job of addressing the root causes of migration. But last month, we learned that in the past year had the highest number of illegal border courses, since they started to be recorded in 1960, what are you doing to turn that around? How long will it take? Well, it's not gonna be overnight. We can't just flip a switch and make it better. The reality is that we inherit a system and immigration system that was deeply broken, and it's requiring us to actually put it back together in terms of creating a fair process that is effective and efficient. But on the root causes peace, what we're looking at is that, you know, frankly, people don't want to leave home, George. And when they do, it's one of two reasons. They're fleeing some kind of harm, or to stay at home. They just simply can not satisfy the basic needs of their family. That would be the alternative to Joe Biden. So you want to go from the frying pan into the fire. That's what we got. The Biden Harris

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