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One of the better ones doing john. F. kennedy doing neil arms trump totally. Make sure that. I'm on board with what we're doing before we go any further one giant leap for the hallmark. I love those boys. they're great. paul. There's movie guys how are you man. You're not sitting up high. Not saying we got our new year. We got a new christmas christmas. Cho's is this what we're doing for the thown. now we're doing. I thought going to be set. Three point o. B. is is going to be our new shindig. This season fortunate. Yeah ooh season for shindig you feel about it this way. It's way more comfortable. What do you the people at home. What do you feel about that. He's just looking at the bottom of these boys. I look you put you put me on the ground level and then you put a table of this caliber in front of me. My feet are go. I wrapped it and Christmas wrapping hoping hoping. That wouldn't be what you do. These are the things that are in front of me. That's what's happening. I put books i tried to. I should have put more thinks his feeder on. They're not giving him a hard time. I did say both of you. So yes it. Also guys like this who now this week. Our a wego out officially one week from today. hopefully lord willing And the You know and it's gonna be in the stores right. It'd be an hotline. Went into the barnes and noble here in greenville. And i said hey. I need to know if you're going to have a book. And they said okay wasn't the book and i said hey we'll ask you for other books And she looked it up and she said i think so. Oh wow now. You may not be in barnes and noble. This is exciting. The supply chain issue. We snuck through the cracks somehow. And we're going to be the only book for sale and so people are going to have if they wanna read books. It's without having a kindle. I wanted to get my harry potter blood on duct hallmark. I think that's the play that's does this is it. I'm david copperfield the hallmark. I love this person. Whoever whoever this person has also let you know we're doing a book release party next to with with lower were with the word Bookstore something up in up there but what you don't it doesn't matter where it 'cause it's going to be virtual for everybody Palomas going to be there. Alonzo's going to be there. It's five dollars and that five dollars can go towards buying another copy of the book. I mean come so you know. Come hang with us. Come hang on us. This is accurate. He's gonna be thirty eastern asks accurate. Well wonder by the carter monte cristo. But i guess i'll go get a signature. I think that you can. I don't know if you can put the five dollars towards any book or if it's just our book i think you have to put it toward our book because i was gonna say you can put it towards the monte. Cristo we'll put it toward a dumas classic google for. Yeah yeah what do you think sir. Neil diamond's new one. Neil diamond's got a book or love sweet caroline in the city. It's a it's a look back at the show. Caroline in the city through the eyes of neil diamond is flying off the shelves. Tell me you wouldn't buy that book. Tell me you wouldn't caroline ray. Yeah no i don't think so. It's the girl from from back to the future. Why can't hold hot hot show. It's been a really messed up week. And i will say that first off seven days torture. That's it and seven days. Dow you've picked my interest. My girlfriend win cheated on me. But here's that's on you. Because she is a california died. But i gotta be honest. Time for me to quitter. But not man doesn't matter well going at it tonight is already anywhere leah. Thompson is the girl from the future and carolina in the city parties on the rooftop. Top of the world speaking party on the rooftop. We are going to be doing our season four kickoff marathon. This saturday live on the tubes. dr hallmark dot com slash live. We'll take you to that page and you'll be able to chat with us all day long. We're starting at six. Am eastern going all day long. We'll be watching Me you in the crisp whatever. The friday the friday night movie. We'll be watching saturday evening before. The new ones kickoff than we watching saturday night movies live and recording. all those episodes. It's going to be jam packed day full of fun full of presence full of special gas. We're gonna give away three or four books. If i'm not mistaken that time and you've been looking for a reason to christmas decorations. Just be honest. This is your excuse. This is it we kick it off. We kick off the season on saturday. Put up your decorations. hang out with us all day. go go go. The bremerton plus subscribers can chat along live while they're watching this and jennifer's eight-year-old just asked did that guy worked for nasa. I'm saying it's weird. You know what you better believe. I'm showing up for american nasa you purple. I'd say If you don't if you don't. I'm gonna be upset yesterday. Talking about advice to love by. Oh yeah the name of it or it sounded. It sounded off title and originally on october sixteenth. Twenty twenty one now. Nobody twenty twenty one. I don't know we never sold that year. Say is over toughly week messed up even wear polls polls both what. It's a callback three weeks ago. World a poll. Something like this can dolts is a popular author similar to us our status as oth- ors written multiple books that people have bought well. We've written a book that hasn't come out yet and some people have preordered it as pretty much the same pretty much the same i. I'm getting word from tammy new york times. They're starting to carve out our names. That's how confident they are. In the new york times bestsellers carving it onto the stone understand in orlando sentinel bestseller already. Well we did. A gang is the orlando sentence right. That's top of the guys you talked about the orlando but i grew up reading the sentinel and it would be an honor as a nasa representative show up in the orlando sentinel. Best time best time copies brian. Here we got us on the list by making cookies thanks. I didn't know what to do. They were just like oh ho. That's thirty copies. Know do list kindle turner's the popular author who writes about the science of love. Now love is. Science is dr. Love's truck on the other hand is an anonymous writer of a magazine who believes the exact opposite. Loves all about brand gestures

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