Why McConnell Helped Schumer Increase Debt Limit


Jake. It's here. i was about to slander. You betcha they wrote punchbowl news last night and took the day off. 'cause the feds rob welcome back by now no i. My phone was on silence. I apologize not problem. Date chairman of punchbowl. Get your punchbowl news at punchbowl news dot com check last hour. I played chuck schumer speech. You wrote your assessment of the binding legislative agenda. Did you take into account the impact of the shimmer speech which brosseau told maria barham yesterday has deeply soured the republican caucus. I mean to the point. They don't want to talk to the guy. yeah. I actually don't. They didn't talk much to anyway. I don't find that big. I don't find it to be this positive. I've been through a lot of michael's where speeches what we're supposed to ruin relationships. The fact is the reality is. There's not much cooperation that we anticipate anyway. I think the conventional wisdom is wrong on the democratic side. I think that because mcconnell blinked and this lasts debt limit fight he makes it less likely appoint again And i think that i just i. I don't think the speeches what did it. I mean it's not like we were in a golden era for cooperation. What did you make joe mansion face in his hands and then leaving. We reported at the time that he He used next live instead. It was. I read batting. Yeah i can't remember exactly what it was I think listen. I think i am the cynic here is you know hugh i think. Being against schumer is beneficial for him. But i do think. Joe manchin owns chuck schumer in a way In the sense that he can't get anything done. Schumer can't without joe mansion so You know what mansion said In in many respects was right that if you want to have more progressive agenda you don't have to worry about joe manchin so like progressives to the senate you know and i think that's the reality of it now. Can i explain to you. My theory of what happened last week. I think mitch mcconnell one. Even though people think he lost. I think he intended people think he lost so that he could win. In december he could not allow the debt crisis right now so he waited and waited and waited extended it till december and he will allow it in december. Couldn't allow it now. It might have the reconciliation going to a higher number now. The democrats have to work out their reconciliation and if they do they're going to have passed trillions of dollars in spending and they're gonna have to borrow for it to reconciliation to get your take ship sherman. I don't think that yeah i mean. Listen i i think that he. I don't think that he won or lost. I think this was kind of a stupid fight with an. It's now it was a stupid deal. That really screws over everyone involved. I mean i agree with you. He couldn't have a he could not afford to have a default And he did. In the only the i guess i would say. He won. Because schumer's main argument against reconciliation and lifting with reconciliation was that he didn't have time that was schumer's made argument yao He can't make that argument. So i i and i hear that I do hear that. There's a lot of anger in the republican conference. Though i mean. We can't underestimate that On what mcconnell. There's no movement to get rid of them that silliness that is coming from whatever wherever trump. We're getting that from. Oh you mean getting rid of mcconnell not not a not a chance

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