As California frantically works to clean oil spill, advocates say the damage is already done


And oil spill off of Orange County southern California could keep beaches and fishing they're closed for weeks respondents have doubled their efforts to clean up an oil spill off of Huntington beach according to U. S. Coast Guard captain Rebecca or we have a fleet of boats out there that are using containment boom to isolate that oil and collected and what we call scammers the suspected pipeline leaks at a hundred and twenty six thousand gallons of heavy crude into the ocean waters following the sands from Huntington to Laguna beach and heading southward environmentalists had feared that will might devastate birds and marine life that Michael's a Carty he's a veterinarian with the oiled wildlife care network said only four birds have been found so far amplify energy operates three oil platforms and the sixteen inch pipeline suspected in the league we have isolated one specific area of significant interest we

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