Rep. Madison Cawthorn Discusses Stuart Scheller's Release From the Brig


Let's go to north carolina's eleventh congressional district to welcome. I believe he may be the youngest congressman on capitol hill madison cawthorn. Welcome to america. I have great being on with your brother. Anything it starts out with america. I you know. I love it. That's the reason why we call it. America first not the said gawker show. Okay i asked you in the break. We have this update the breaking news that they have released. A colonel shelling from shallow from the brig you have spoken to his legal team just a few moments ago so tell us the latest out. What what Do listeners across the nation. Needs to know. I talked to several organizations that are involved with colonel sheller. And what's ridiculous is. This is a man who stood up and criticize The boss withdrawal from afghanistan that left thirteen servicemembers dead. And because he stood up to this incompetence he was forced to have a mental health screening and then sebastian he has been stuck in solitary confinement in campbell. Jim it's terrible but right now he's going to be heading to a court martial very soon. It's going to be closed doors so you can take that on. Its surface for that how it's going to be Probably a gag order going to come down And you know even as a member of congress. I can't even go in there to try. And defend him it's it's ridiculous the amount of obscurity the biden administrations wanting to have in this

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