A highlight from 1246: Elon Musk Joins Volkswagen Management Conference | 17 Oct 2021


Eye for supply chains and that Logistics and production with his skill sets as well. And it's something indeed. The hard core tesla fans my best buddies who never liked me criticizing. Full self driving Well sometimes email all my social media and say we'll test is going to win an all other the car companies. We'll go extinct because elon. Musk is an engineer. And i replied to them. What about hubbard piece. Who has a phd in mechanical engineering and production technologies for munich university of applied sciences. And then the technical university of munich from seventy eight to eighty three of which they very rarely reply yes. The head of both companies would close themselves as at the heart engineers. It's why like both of them. And i think both tessler in vw. Doing really interesting things. I have a piece saying on lincoln. After the event this happy to hear that even our strongest competitor thinks that we will succeed in the transition. If we drive the transformation with full power so what is happening here. Why is vw inviting. Yes that closest rival strongest competitor. Someone they have publicly said many times. Now it's their ambition to supersede tesla within the next couple of years sunny by the middle of the decade to be the world's biggest av maker and they're on their way to do that by the way simpson because vw had a bit of a headstart on tessler in terms of being around as a company. But why would they invite them into their management conference. I have a theory. Let me if. I'm wrong on this. I think hub dace gets it. I think plenty of people. Vw get it. I think it's such a sprawling old times established company. I think some people are set in their ways. And i think you only invite elon. Musk onto a video link in front of a company conference. The you would never do that. Normally i think it gives people the fair what you give me the fit if i was company being like well. I'm not sure about this. Electric cost off by like my diesel accent. I wasn't trying to jam. And i was trying to stuffy old man accent but it came very british. I i think that would perhaps make me sit up and pay attention of hang on a minute. If i didn't embrace this all be out of a job. So i just think he's trying to give the company a rocket remember that the unions have a very powerful force on the board. Vw remember recently. That hub dece effectively gave the board an ultimatum. A back me or sack me kind of football manager kind of thing and the board thought about it and said with fully behind me and so that won that battle but i think he knows he's a great political player and i think he knows if he wants to be w to be the biggest ev maker in the world. He's going to change some of those minds in the room knoll but some i think it's brilliant good on elon. Musk for doing it. Good on have a decent inviting him as their leases in the story. And that's what we love. Get story where everyone is a winner. Hey talking available offer. The story. And i wasn't gonna because we're a little bit tight for time today The tesla's stock has been booming. And it's made elon. Musk once again. The richest man in the wells pushing his net worth poss- two hundred billion dollars the telling forbes that he would send jeff bezos a sing a silver medal upon his assent to the top spots. He followed through on twitter by sending him a silver medal. Emoji says forbes dot com today not all bad for jeff bezos. He got five point. Six billion dollars. Richer on friday as amazon stock. Went up three point. Three percent since stepping down as the ceo of amazon a spin spending more time promoting his spice flights as well. Whether or not you think making five point. Six billion dollars in a day is slightly absurd. I only up to you to decide right next. Kia and hyundai have been doing really well in the sales but not in overall sales. It's the story that we repeat over and over and over again on this podcast carmaker releases. Figures numbers down but eve- bazar up que reporting global car sales of two hundred and twenty three thousand down fourteen percent in september. Ev sales booming two thousand six hundred key sixes were sold in the market of south korea. That's about seven and a half percent of all the 'cause they sold in the home market. An additional ninety thousand registered in europe saw. I think i must be daily. Because i'm not sure customer cows arriving yet with or at least not too many customer cars. Av is out there in september. They might be now inside. Tv's says an interesting thing with key is older models. So we're talking soul ev. Narrow ev still do really well. About thousand souls and seven and a half thousand narrows sold outside of south korea. Having market numbers But eighty percents of that falling into europe by the way so that pure battery electric vehicle sales at kia. Eleven thousand over eleven thousand in a single month of september. And that's what that's just a company hyundai reporting an even bigger decrease in overall sales twenty four percent down as a company a disaster. I mean not just blows all of your budget's out of the water start getting but very sales. Well they're on the way up. Well plugging we'll call. It company sells a in cows. Were sixteen and a half thousand. That's a record. Six percent share of everything. They sold in the month of september. Globally inside ebays so far this year hyundai reported sales of one hundred ten thousand plug in car sales. That's about four percent of that total volume over the year. Hyundai ionic five is the call that everyone's looking at the minute continues. Its expansion of the right of seven thousand units a month. I'm expecting that to be around ten thousand units a month before the end of the year as they rapidly expand three twenty twenty two kohner electric still cells as well over four thousand in september registered. So you know we talk about so much with the chip shortage. You're moving those chips into the calls that you really want to sell mercedes have been doing it. They've been selling almost no se- classes but a ton of s classes. That's not the way it normally is c- clauses the mainstream model that putting the chips into the cars that they can sell that. Make more money and over and over again people want. Ev's when companies make electric vehicles. People buy them. We are still supply constraint if these companies are making all electric vehicles that'd be selling a lot more cars and they all know it as well next. China is lacking an important technology despite having everything they need to be a leader chinese electric comic because a lagging behind foreign rivals in motor technology permanent magnet motor innovation. Despite the fact that china actually is the world's dominant supplier of rare earth metals according to a top chinese british scientists in an interview according to the south china morning post. This isn't someone from outside of the country throwing stones. This is a top chinese scientists saying. Hey we behind in this technology. The comments suggest a key weakness in china's development as beijing pushes to transform advantage in resources into technological leadership. Now mr ju here's a fellow of the royal academy of engineering here in the uk known for his work on motors. Won him the twenty. Twenty one nikola tesla award sign. China is behind an innovation. They can make plenty of as with technology. They've got the minute but then driving full with that's really interesting. I always think china. I think of china as the leader but that buying in what they can get or they using what they the minute but not really taking. The big steps forward really surprises me. But it's one person's opinion but a very important one next coming up on the podcast we will talk about tesla's model three being sold out for a really long time but how long you'll find out soon and why not even a pandemic can slow down sola now. Let's talk about how europe will lead the way in the revolution. Tesla may be the us company leading in america but in the usa as a mock hits they might be leading but not overall globally. That's the opinion of the former ceo of. Lg cam power now. He's the ceo for five years until twenty fifteen spent five years working on ford's hybrid technologies as well. The foam battery company boss has estimated that fifty percent of cars sold in europe will be electric cars by the middle of the decade. He's a huge growth. When globally the figure we'll be more like twenty percent. Say he's saying. Hey europe's going to be the place where it takes off why well we live closer together. Our travel distances shorter. The average salary is higher than in china but our average salary is not as high as in the us but many things conspire to make these more popular in europe. Many european countries are also. It's issuing strict deadlines for phasing out the sales of fossil cars and hybrids anything like a a petrol powered hybrid a soft hybrid of mild hybrid being banned in the uk from twenty thirty so as well as enforcing strict emission standards in key cities. It's proving another incentive for why electric vehicle sales. This person predicts will have a huge growth over the next three years in europe but less so in america because in the usa tesla owns the market. And there's a limit to how many cars that they can produce for the market and others are entering the market in the way that they are entering here in europe in the usa. In contrast there's a struggle between the governing bodies of states. That won't tough deadlines look california. The governor gavin newsom announced a ban on combustion in two thousand thirty five and then the epa even weighed into say could be illegal. There's been much discussion of how the hundred dollars per kilowatt hour kind of magic price. Boundary gets reached. But according to this article by james morris sport which ev. I would point out That that number has long been hits in china. The battery technology like the nfp lithium on phosphates batteries. There around plus minus around sixty dollars per kilowatt al to pack technology often using pragmatic cells as well which like the big breaks and. Yeah that's way below one hundred dollars per kilowatt hour now that was reached a longtime ago and yet some companies. That don't want to move as quick as others that they'll get that right but maybe not quick There was a presentation earlier this year. By reynaud i love rhino of owns two of them. By the way to zoe's they were saying well you know obviously politicians listening to their big presentation day. That'd be That that big unveil of that plans. Whoa if only we could get prices below one hundred dollars per kilowatt hour then we could really make some teepee vs. Well is happening in china. Didn't you it to get a supply of llp sells really so vary political I think that wasn't exactly the strongest truth. They've ever told in the past because prices down a long time ago. So puzzling in the nights if you want to read more tesla next in the news the model three variant won't be delivered for a year the standard range pluses soda year in violence in the us as basic as you can get in terms of tesla vehicles still cost forty two thousand dollars when ordering with standard arrow wheels. You now get advised that yoko will arrive august next year so not quite a year. I was being cheeky august next year. Earliest delivery for nasa plus joy at tesla ati in the online design studio and our shows an estimated delivery for August next year. But if you get more expensive variation you might get it as soon as november but the cheapest combination sometime in q three so you know people are trying to be pushed towards getting those more expensive. 'cause tesla doing nothing wrong. They're just trying to manipulate the market. Not in a bad way. That sounds negative. That tried to manipulate their customers into going for the high ticket. Item is not just selling because that's where they put the chips right. If there's a shortage you wanna make margin you want to sell the cars that make more money kind of obvious. Nothing wrong with that. But yet whether it's true whether they could deliver an plus before august next year i mean model less malek's still say twenty twenty two fair in the uk. I mean we've just got the model y you know. I don't think we're going to be front of the key next. Why a pandemic count stop solas growth. Despites covet the. Us built more utility scale style in two thousand twenty than any other year. Who led the way that'll be texas. Only solar panels added up to nine point six gigawatts of renewable added to the us. Powell great outing. The nation's total capacity to forty eight gigawatts of capacity in the us. And you they'll be retiring. More of the nation's coal fleets very soon says chris dot org before two thousand seventeen. California was really just contributing. The lion's share of solar but in recent years tax has become the leader last year. They instilled enough silence generate two point. Five gigawatts of power. While florida and california each built one point six gigawatts of utility scale solar according to gris dot org fewer projects. Going up in california because the panels of flooding the grade with electricity when the sun shines they've got too much in the middle of the day two more stories and we'll start with bmw and bmw have found a way to recycle old batteries. Coming out of i threes and do some good as well and have a good time. They have partnered with cold play. This story is about christmas in as you can get the music of the spheres well tool by coldplay is actually being powered by fourty bmw. I three batteries cut down on emissions of the tool. That even use a kinetic dumps floors people jumping around listening to coldplay music that will recharge the batteries by the fans themselves. Kabas says forty batteries going on so we'll provide enough power to run live shows be supposedly by sola hydro treated vegetable oil generators powered bikes and the kinetic dancefloor which will turn coldplay fans into energy. Like i told you. That story is about as chris malton as you can possibly guess i'm finally electric vehicles. Need to be lighter. Says this study now blake. Shaffer of the university of calgary is writing in nature and saying the electric vehicles ahead. There are essential for essential for decarbonising and major investments in visa. Welcome butts his co. Offers have some caveats they say according to tree hugger one issue is. That's the size and white of cowes is receiving to but l- attention in our view they say the increasing whites of vehicles like pickup trucks and suv's account for fifty seven percents of us sales for instance compared with thirty percent in nineteen ninety. The massive new vehicle in the us has risen so cows suv. Pickup trucks have gone up by twelve seven thirty two percent respectively since nineteen ninety. So that's like hauling around an extra grand piano just to move the vehicle well similar trends say elsewhere in the world electrifying. Vehicles does add white because of batteries. And this study saying actually what we need. Is the right size battery for the right size job. So just because a cock and go five hundred miles doesn't mean you should buy one if

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