Creepy Dossier Rocks Scottsdale Unified School District


If you think what happened in loudon county was just an isolated incident, wait till I tell you what's happening in Scottsdale unified school district. So this guy, Jan Michael Greenberg had emailed one of the parents about some sort of back and forth calling a parent antisemitic over her comments she made about billionaire George Soros, like give me a break. But in the screenshot was a link to his private Google Drive account. Now that private Google Drive account then, the parent had the wisdom and the wherewithal to actually go see what does he have in the private Google Drive account. Well, in the private drive account, he had a dossier. Of parents private information, pictures of 8 and ten year old blogging and collecting information on parents and the stock still unified school district that might speak against his regime as governing board of the stock so unified school district. He said, we've identified in there were 47 people who he hired private investigators to check their backgrounds, their divorce decrees, he had social security numbers, property records, and mortgages of parents who have just come and spoke at the Scottsdale unified school district. In Arizona, I hope you're listening very closely. Your taxpayer dollars when you pay money, I pay Scottsdale taxes, by the way, hello, this includes me. When I pay Scottsdale, unified school district, money, I am paying for this creep to go spy on parents. Meanwhile, Scottsdale unified school district enrollment is going down, they're masking children against state law and what is he focused on, oh, he's creating dossiers. With different labels and different folders, one that was labeled anti mask lunatics, or press conference psychos, or parents showing signs that say CRT is racist, or S USD we demand transparency.

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