Joe Kent: From Army Special Forces to Congressional Candidate


Joe Kent welcome to America first. Tell us your story first. We were going to discuss your epic decision to serve the nation again this time out of uniform, but tell us a little bit about your life history. What you decided to do at the age of 18 and what you've done in uniform for this nation. Absolutely so pretty much as far back as I can remember, I wanted to serve the country abroad, fighting our nation's wars. I came in just before 9 11. I was really inspired by the rangers in the 1993 Black Hawk down incident. So talking to the army recruiters and you got a ranger contract ready to high school, work my way into ranger regiment. I started my career there. And then my way into special forces. So green berets as most people know them. Actually, it was in special forces selection one 9 11 happens. So God done with the special forces qualifications course, immediately went to 5th special forces group and spent pretty much the next two decades at war. So winter combat 11 times for this country, greatest honor of my life. Retired the 20 year mark because I wanted to be able to stay in the fight operational retired on a Friday and then swore in as a paramilitary operations officer at the CIA on a Monday intended to make that my second career. I felt it was my nation's calling to serve this country overseas fighting war. But my time was cut short tragically because my late wife, Shannon Kent, who was also a special operator, a navy cryptologist and Arabic linguist who had joined the military right after 9 11. She was killed fighting ISIS in Syria in 2019. She was killed about a month after president Trump attempted to fulfill the will of the American people and get us out of our endless war. She was part of the final push to destroy the territory territorial caliphate. Once that happened, Trump attempted to get our troops out as he promised. And that's when the deep state essentially turned against him Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and a bunch of other unelected bureaucrats, committed bureaucratic slow role, went to the media, their end result was that my wife and the element that she was worth a special operator she was with ended up staying in Syria, a month later her and three other great Americans are tragically killed by suicide bomber and managed Syria. So I decided that that moment that I had to resign from putting myself in physical danger to take care of our two young children, move back here to the Pacific Northwest, had a little bit of an opportunity to meet president Trump and really tell him that his America first foreign policy was actually giving it right. I served under Clinton, I served under Bush served under Obama and we remained in this state of continuous war and without making any gains really just for the benefit of the military industrial complex until president Trump came on the scenes and gave us the authorities and then really the ability to go out and crush the enemy decisively, but not getting any

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