8 Things That Children Are More Likely to Die From Than COVID-19


8 things that children are more likely to die from than COVID. Cancer significantly. Almost 20 times more likely vehicle accident suicide homicide. Cardiovascular disease drowning flu and pneumonia. We live in a world with numerous threats. It's part of existence. And there's also a false promise in safetyism, too. There's a false promise and you see this in the people that are vaccinated, which has always been one of my complaints about the way that they've been pushing the vaccine is it gives people a false sense of security. And no one wants to talk about this. The false sense of security of someone who gets vaccinated, and then they believe they can resume regular life, and then all of a sudden they have a breakthrough case, and they don't know what to do. They thought they had the protection. They thought they had the same sort of protection that they would get from the measles mumps rubella or polio vaccine. And all of a sudden they get a breakthrough case and they get caught by surprise. Maybe they would have made different social decisions. Maybe they wouldn't have gone to big gatherings. Maybe they would have handled things differently. Maybe they would have prepared themselves with azithromycin Ivermectin hydroxyl chloroquine, monoclonal antibody treatment centers or aspirin. Instead, there is a false sense of security that comes in with the overemphasis of we as the government we as the CDC we as NA 8 NIH we as the medical industrial elite, we're going to protect you. And what it does is it erodes what it does is it diminishes its suppresses humans own responsibility to take ownership of their actions. It's a false sense of security. When in reality, our leader should have said, look, if you want to get this vaccine fine, we're going to be very honest about what it can do what it can't do. But also, if you get it, you better be ready to treat it. We're now 70% of all deaths in the United Kingdom are vaccinated people. Why? They had a false sense of

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