Tuesday's Elections Are a 'Sonic Boom' Wake-up Call for Democrats


First, I want to display a little bit of just the collapse. I want to just play a little bit of the video of the collapse of the Democrat regime in real time. I want to go to 56 and 57 in order, let's play cut 56 a little bit about the Virginia election results play cut 56. This is not going to go Republican. And this is a state that has not had a statewide Republican since 2009 about McDonald's governor at the Senate level at the gubernatorial level. The state was bright blue. Right. Yesterday. And now that's a next January state is going to be almost entirely in control of Republicans. And that's, you know, that's a bloodbath. And a state that Democrats are dominated, dominated for the past decade. And Republicans have taken control of the Virginia House of delegates 51 49 that no one saw coming. Cut 57, John Carl from ABC says this is a sonic boom of a wake-up call for Democrats, but they won't heed the wake-up call instead, you have Pelosi and Schumer say, oh, this is why we need to go spend these trillions of dollars we don't have on programs that are unpopular. Honestly, Democrats, I hope you guys try to implement CRT in every single school district across the country, not because it's good for the country, super damaging, but voters hate it so much that it's the greatest political gift to conservatives you could imagine. Play cut 57. George, this is a sonic boom of a wake-up call for Democrats. Biden won Virginia by ten points just a year ago. He won New Jersey by 16 points. And the big factor is the one you mentioned, Republicans vastly outperformed in the suburbs. That is precisely where the battle for control of Congress will be waged next year in the midterm election. And so all across the country, you are seeing this trend.

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