California Laws Harming Owner-Operators and the Supply Chain


For the last several evenings we've had calls in here from truckers With real world experience in terms of this supply train And one of them pointed out the difficulty for owner operators functioning in California You don't hear this on television news Another one pointed out the difficulty in dealing with the states environmental and regulatory environment You don't hear that Either By the end of the weekend there's going to be over 100 freighters off the shore of long port in LA ports Sitting there in waiting over 100 of these massive freighters with these containers on them These huge containers So I wanted to focus in on this and zero hedge an excellent website As also taken a look at this And he writes there's a couple of astute articles that explain the problem is California has passed two laws One for so called climate change and the other as a sop to the unions that destroyed much of California's trucking industry And in woes unique to the industry and COVID payments that discourage people from working and voila Empty Christmas stockings Stephen green at PJ media explained some of what's going on He says as a preliminary matter truckers are aging out of the job A new ones aren't coming along because federal law requires that truckers be at least 21 years old Kids who leave school at 17 or 18 get involved in other careers leaving trucker

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