Kamala Harris Has a Comically Low Approval Rating


In France and it's one of these things where you say to yourself watching Kamala Harris in action And Joe Biden for that matter You say this can't possibly get any worse and magically it does You're like there's no way this guy's gonna dip below 40% approval He's not even in office a year and then you get a pull Joe Biden down to 38% You're like oh my God how can this get any worse And then you find out that the popularity poll approval for Kamala Harris is an almost unheard of 28% How is that Think about it About 40 to 50% of the country classifies themselves as either liberal moderate or Democrat in some way right 40 50% fair enough not some crazy number to throw out there You got 40 50% of the country Let's say 28 30% categorize themselves as radical leftists right They're the only people that like Kamala Harris are the crazies I mean how bad How bad do you have to stink I don't mean malodorous like there's like a scent coming off of you I mean like you have to stink as a politician to be this

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