A highlight from The Mike Church Show-The Old Dominion: Is This The Demoncrats Waterloo? With Mahgdalen Rose


Let's go to the dude mega hotline magdalene. Roses are official political affairs correspondent and she lives in virginia and is covering virginia politics And we've already talked to her several times about this but since we're one day out let's get a As as close to the events as you can get perspective on. What's going to transpire in the next forty eight hours and what has transpired in this race here in virginia magdalene. Glad you're able to graduate pastor me about this. Because i forgot to send you the invites. Thank you for reminding me. And i'm glad you here this morning how are you. I'm good. Thank you so much for having me absolutely absolutely okay. So you heard my long winded monologue. About how much i love. The old dominion my brother still lives in fredericksburg. My mother still lives in fredericksburg so I have old dominion routes have saw spot in my in my heart for it What's going on where we how do you see. What's what's what's happening here Give us the thirty thousand foot view. And then we'll talk. Some specifics happening is all of a sudden. Republicans have a chance and no one thought that was possible. No one that was feasible. I certainly didn't. I didn't think that glenn young can republican candidate who is not a politician. He's a businessman. I did not think this is going to be competitive. Rate and all of a sudden it is and many people are shocked by that. And we have terry mcauliffe running as a democrat nominee former governor of virginia. And what what. I can tell you is that they are ad for for both of those candidates back to back every single night. If you watch television you show right now. In virginia you will see an entire advertising. Slot bills only adds to the two of them. There are young can sign everywhere in places you would not think there are rallies for the republican nominee that are getting bigger and bigger being held just by his people not being held by someone who they've brought in like trump or somebody else and republican party love name brand recognition draw rally. Young can is drawing rally numbers. He's drawing people into to support him and that's happening. Republican candidates down the ballot. I don't know if it will be enough. I think democrats still have a considerable edge. I think that they could eke out a victory. But i think the lesson from what's happening in virginia is nothing apparently off the table and democrat shabby taking virginia for granted. And if democrats running anyone other than terry mcauliffe who runs the fantastic political operation. No is has they would be deep deep trouble right now. Yeah mccalla goes all the way back to help him. Bill clinton when the governorship of arkansas twice people don't know that and then helping him with dick morris and james carville to win the presidency in nineteen ninety two the guy the guy's been involved in this stuff for forty years and he he is doing very well. But what's interesting is you can see his hand on the other democrat candidate because you see the second they're willing to go negative and what's striking about these biz. They are brutal i mean. Get glenn young kim. I in one ad is accused of supporting a series of children's dental offices that like left children pharma ties. And then you see other. Republican candidates are views are accused of child abuse letting people get away with child abuse. There is nothing democrats will not throat republicans. I do think mcauliffe is going a little too negative. I think he could be reading himself up to be. The debbie downer candidate and that young teen is aware of that in combating question about About these ads this seems to me to be deemed. Cranston projecting their own evil. Because they're the ones that are principally responsible for example for loudon county. How much of an impact has mccullough's now sta just spectacular actor stupidity or and pride in that debate boasting and bragging that he think that he didn't think virginia parents appearance in virginia. Have anything to do with what their kids were. Learning a government run indoctrination centers. Very bad making give you a specific example to run young cuts an ad with mccullough saying that about parents not being involved in in education in schools so he cutting ads saying that then. Mcauliffe personnel refuting bag. Add then young can cut. Nab refuting the refuting ads. And now mcauliffe can't do anything because then you just looks like going back and forth and back and forth we all. The only thing. I've released seeing mccullough stumble on is the fact that glenn young and when he gets the upper hand in specific back and forth like the education from key can't combat it and i think that's going to hurt him at the goals. He may very well still win. However i have faced. Virginia is in play now in a lot of ways that it wasn't before channels political affairs correspondent. Are dude mega hotline. Here talking about the election. Coming up tomorrow to state of virginia Let me ask the follow up. Question then We all know what democrats are capable of doing We're finding out now that they actually sent in broad daylight. They actually sent activists into old folks homes in wisconsin Under some arcane a law that the legislature had passed To make it so that old people in error kovin where they were stuck in a home.

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